Things I want on pimd.

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  1. This I agree with 🥰
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  2. Support! Especially the second part. I would love love love for us to be able to design our own avis. It would add way more diversity and the current avis can stay or even be transformed to be avi design defaults that we have unlocked (they’re clothes hair ect). Hunts can drop special clothing sets ect. And to add EC options (cause we all know ATA wants to make money on it) there can be fashion boxes like the hunt boxes that can be opened with keys and there could even be lite versions of the boxes.
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  3. This isn't a dress-up game. Creating your own avatar is fun, but there's apps where it works and apps where it doesn't. This is one of those apps that it just doesn't make sense.
  4. Girls and their dress ups.

    It really is so sad how much money people will spend on virtual dressups. Why don't you buy $1000 pieces of clothing to increase your social standing in the real world rather than spending $1000 to grind for a virtual avatar?
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  5. So I’m hosting a raffle and it would be really helpful if I could see all my accepted gifts. At the top of the screen when you click see more on your gifts, it says page 1/1 and has buttons that say previous and next, so I’m not sure why those are there if we can’t see more than a few gifts.

    And to the people complaining above, the reason why is girls like dress up games so much is because we have a lot of insecurities. In real life we don’t get to look like these flawless cartoon characters, so being able to dress up these dolls it makes us feel a little less insecure. Not that I don’t like buying myself a new pair of jeans, or that I don’t have self confidence, sometimes I just like to put clothes on something other than myself. Plus, it’s fun and it’s cute. So don’t be so quick to judge next time.
  6. My wish is kinda small and maybe not that common but I really wish we had contests more frequently, they’re re super fun to join and I love seeing other peoples work
  7. Im also not really a fan of the dress up idea, I think it would make things more cluttered and complicated and also that would be a crazy amount of work for the devs (when they’re already working hard as it is) to include a whole wardrobe of clothes. Also Im curious on how that would work? would the avatars no longer come with their outfits and instead we earn clothes?
    The wishlist idea is amazing tho! 💜
  8. Bumping .... also make the Avatars tradable
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  9. Pets need to be removed... useless feature that could be replaced with designing ur own Ava
  10. How about uh, working on yourself irl?
  11. I try to work on myself everyday, but sometimes it’s nice to just remove myself from reality a bit. Life is a little overwhelming don’t you think?
  12. Not really tbh.
  13. Kefo just wants the prohibition era to happen again
  14. If we all get to dress like flapper girls again I be down
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  15. I wanna go to a speakeasy
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  16. There’s like a “speakeasy whiskey lounge” where I live. Like it’s a “hidden” bar that everyone knows is there that only serves whiskey because they’re pretentious.
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  17. $50 dollar EC and DN package. 🥺
  18. Same. Went there for one of my friend's birthdays. Was sort of chill. No live music but everyone else who was there was dressed in suits and nice dresses. A bit of roleplay.
  19. I would like that pimd allows us to trade all the avatar bags(especially old and new) so people who don’t use can trade to people who wants to get the avatar.
  20. Yes, please 🥺🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
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