Things I want on pimd.

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  1. About the old avis, in my opinion it would be very cool, of course, to have them but like it would lower their sense of uniqueness if almost everyone, including new players, would be able to have them. New players could still have the old box avis, although requires real cash to purchase keys and a little extra luck...
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  2. I wish kinis and cats are giftable or tradeable
  3. the wishlist isn’t such a bad idea, but i imagine that might be difficult to implement tech/storage wise 🥺 having to create space for a place to select items out of every item ever put out in the game would probably eat up a lot of storage

    anyway, i was wondering if it would be possible for there to be a separate chat space designed for new accounts only aside from starter club chat? or perhaps a waiting period before they can actually start posting in campus? i’ve been seeing more and more disturbing shit lately in campus (let’s not even talk about pub😭) and it’s honestly just getting on my nerves lol. not sure how that would work alongside the club chat without rendering it obsolete.... or perhaps make newer accounts’ posts invisible to the rest of campus (besides mods) and they can still see us for trade purposes? for the noob quest lines they can just help each other 🤧 rip selling/buying alts but i suppose they can just wall people that they see lol
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  4. You don't always get what you want. 🖖
  5. A little unfair for the newbies tho, don't you think?
  6. -Default cash gifts WITH stats. the only ones right now are the root beer and makeup palette
  7. Ata has said SEVERAL times that this will never happen
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  8. One of my mod friends said this existed for a short period of time, sometime last year. I don't know if the idea fell through in practice, or if it was a beta test and they haven't fully implemented it yet. But I remember one of them mentioning it briefly existing and disappearing within the span of a few days.
  9. Idk where I would post this but oh well...

    I wanted to suggest making old avatar boxes tradable now
    The ones that cost 200ec to open but you get the avi, I'm sure many players that started later on would like that
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  10. I'm sure many people would love to spend all of their money on this app for some more avatars but should we let them? It's the roles of the developers to protect people from themselves and from gambling addiction.
  11. Why tf would it be the developer's job to protect people from gambling...? Casinos aren't given that responsibility. Liquor stores don't protect ppl from alcoholism. Same w nicotine addictions. It's up to the individual and ppl are free to offer for sale whatever they want so long as it's legal
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  12. When a class action law suit against Fortnite was pushed to come for their loot boxes, and was successful, it opened the gates to this.

    Now, it's illegal to include them in games targeting minors.

    I hope it isn't long until such regulation is made market-wide. I like to think that our devs are Canadian and progressive enough to restrain themselves from turning pimd into a casino.

    At a certain stage, they would have to advertise PIMD as a gambling app, remove any shred of skill in the game play and make it exclusively "wallet, though luck, to stupid cosmetic."

    The game will lose its soul. The devs have every fucking responsibility to keep the luck and money involved in gameplay at a certain threshold of irrelevancy. And to not be predators.

    Also casinos should be outlawed.
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  13. I
    They don’t need to be outlawed. Gambling is a fun activity. Fun. The problem isn’t the activity it’s the people who lack self control. It’s the people that take something meant to be fun and use it in a toxic way. If you don’t have money, don’t spend. If you lose money, stop spending. If you have a problem, get help. That’s like saying fast food should be outlawed because it makes people who lack self control fat. Alcohol should be outlawed because it makes people alcoholics. People with addictive personalities can become addicted to anything. Some things more harmful than others. It’s not our responsibility as a people to coddle a small percent of the population to try and save them from themselves.
  14. Well why the isn't it?

    What are you losing out on by removing casinos? Are they fun? Do you like going to the place where you can make money if you're really lucky to lose money, and then go home?

    Luck-based games don't allow for learning or the development of skills, just addiction. They are for children who cry whenever they lose and need to be coddled by even chances for a perceived "fair" playing field. But you don't have them play againdt the house which has an unfair advantage.
  15. But that’s the thing though... if it’s something you don’t like or don’t agree with then you don’t have to go or participate and that’s ok. However I don’t think things should be outlawed because some people don’t like them, or don’t agree with them. That’s extreme. You’re entitled to your opinion but it doesn’t mean the world has to follow along with that.
  16. Getting back on topic though I think it’d be convenient if we could trade the items from pet boxes that you need to upgrade pets. If someone’s trying to upgrade one specific pet but has the items necessary for 3 others, trade for what you need.
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  17. Yes that is all that's wrong with gambling. I just don't like it. It has x bad thing(s) about it. But it's still fine.

    Why have any laws?

    You're speaking generically about it jusr saying "I don't think things should be made illegal because they are bad".

    How do you think laws are made? I just said that the law was starting to wake up, that there already is legislation prohibiting children from gambling and gambling sites from advertising to children. Was that a line you think should have been crossed or can kids gamble?

    Can kids drink?

    Should everything be legal after the age of 18?

    The brain doesn't resch peak mature until 25 (on average). There is nothing super significant about 18.
  18. Oh my god. Lol I don’t care. Honestly. 😂
  19. Clearly not.
  20. This is basically the same thing as Avi trading which Ata has stated several times, it won't happen.
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