Things I want on pimd.

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  1. Ayyyyeee I want some stuff and theengs.

    -a wish list section just like our current starred sections. That way, if I find something I can’t buy at the moment, I can wish list it, and find it later. Also, if other players can view my wish list, they’ll know what I’m trying to buy, and it may make trading and looking for specific things easier. I want a wish list.

    -I wish we had Avis that portray real like people with non perfect bodies. The Avis are always beautiful, but none of them look like me.
    -ideas: avis with braces, with wheelchairs, thick thighed avis, double chins, dimples, birthmarks, and other real life things.
  2. I like the wish list idea. As far as the other things, they already exist.

    What I want is a search feature within trades, and a dislike feature in forums for all the people who clog up a specific topic with irrelavent extraneous crap that has nothing to do with the topic.
  3. The folks who argue on the POTD forum in particular, the whole community watches this thread daily (hopefully) , so silly arguements should have a better way to express discontent with those who derail it than "liking" chastizing comments on the thread that ultimately serve to derail the subject at hand even further,and without having to leave an even more derailing comment to explain oneself, and waste even more of peoples time that just want to know or report or help with an important topic.
  4. You could also just add them to your ignore list and then you don’t have to see the arguments
  5. Things that would make me enjoy playing the game again

    a public chat that doesn’t consist of poxy trading and selling crap,ads

    a feature where I can or you can dress up my own Ava
  6. That would require not being a nosy/petty person, though, which is apparently too much to ask in a lot of peeps 🤷‍♀️
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  7. I’d like some mini games. Maybe puzzle or -search-and-find games to keep active between energy refills. Maybe it’ll have a small money payout or a box drop of some sort.
    I think it would help with retention. If club members are not on, the game’s a drag sometimes.
  8. I support the idea of the wishlist, some times happens that I'm looking at people's showcases and I see something I like to buy but I always forget the name or how it looks like, obviously there is the option of do a screenshot of the items that you like but better have a wishlist in the game so you can remember what you want and your friends could see it and if they see a seller can tell you.
  9. oooohhhh that sounds cool
  10. I would really like that wish list idea, I have so many things I want but can't buy and I ultimately lose track.

    The other idea I like in here is minigames, maybe integrating them into xcs where people play the games to earn points.
  11. It'd be cool if we could purchase a token that would give us a % boost on getting a fem or masc avi. I have a ton of male avis that I just don't use :/
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  12. I love the wish list idea, I have an album in my phone of things I want and this would be so much better cause I wouldn't have to leave the app to see what I wanted or the name.
  13. Mmmm, no
    i mean im sure you have a lot of female avis too, just use what you have hunie. or you can do what i do, i always keep in mind that there will always be prettier avis next hunt, we dont need to have all avis JS
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  14. Huehuehue I want rp >:)
  15. I want a relationship token. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  16. I know we don't need to have all the avis but how often have you seen a nice fem or masc avi in a box and gotten the wrong one? I'm not saying it's nessicary or that it will improve the chances of getting an avatar in general, it's just to improve the chances of one over the other. There's not much ata has to improve on and i know I'm not the only one who would enjoy this small addition. 😁
  17. Me and my club have been debating on this idea where the game could be better if there was a monthly thing where you could trade avis with other ppl (ex: you dont want certain avis but other ppl do so you trade ones you dont want for the ones you do) kinda making it in a "everyone wins way" and also start to bring back some old avis that ppl never got the chance to get where it was not having the game at the moment or not reaching the goal in time.
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  18. I do like the idea of trading avis for that exact reason but it's been brought up to ATA for years and they have said they'll never do it :/ which I sortof understand, it gives them more room to create similar avis in the future and also keeps you excited about future avis because you don't have anything like it yet. 🤷‍♀️
  19. A wish list would be cool.

    Ultimately, I dream of a campus wide market style trade system where items can be listed and bid on, but, that's probant never happening. I would prefer at least some better system of trading though. 😪
  20. That's the other thing we were talking about. There'll always be new ideas and new avis but some of the past hunts have had similar looking ideals.