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  1. I feel like there should be different leaderboards depending on player ranges so it’s not the same person every time winning because no one can touch them

    Because right now it’s the same people every. Single. Time.

    Then they get mad when people hit them.

    here’s looking at you jf
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  2. It was made for her, let her have her thing
  3. Support!
  4. Support
  5. They're winning because they spent ridiculous amounts of money not because of their range or stats, though.
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  6. Here’s the thing; you aren’t entitled to win spotlight by any means. They’ve put in the money and time to get their accounts to where they’re at and if you want to be able to successfully land on them, do the same thing

    there are still lower kcs accounts that can break them down through repeated losses and make the LB that way. It’s very much so possible.
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