EVENT The Speedy Word and the Angry Word

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  1. Spicy avis ❤️
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  3. Cute avis but meh
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  4. Same here
  5. Bro that bed tho😍
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  6. Fight covid-19 hunt?👀
  7. Poor ja rule
  8. Dom looks older tho. So I can see whyyyy but deffo not 40 lol
  9. Can anyone tell me which one is the main story avi pelase?
  10. The girl w the mask, the guy w blond hair and the guy w the stick are all avis I'd wear. I don't have to love all of the avatars for me to like them.
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  11. The avis are cute. The question is will I beable to reach drops? Probably not. :/
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  12. Nvm it’s answered!
  13. Which ones are the main story avis
  14. The bandana one.
  15. Hunt is okey i like the avis, but here is 3 big NO for (3 things i dont like)
    1❌ Raised drops
    Just go back to back to 3k, 6k, 15k etc..
    2❌ Split avis in avi box
    Why? There is not point to do that just keep them on one task or put them on 3,5k and 8k
    3❌ Drops from timer boxes
    Just simply go back to 250/8hrs and 5 max
    Little + is we can have more timer boxes

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  16. That's generous and makes sense. ATA won't take.
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  17. Same tbh
  18. Kudos to better story and box avis after a long time 🥂
  19. Okay, ATA... I see you.. 😂

    Quote from Fast and the Furious ....
    Dom: “you can have any brew you want... as long as it’s a Corona”. 🌚 I see what you did there.
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  20. O yay. I was worried that would be leaderboard
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