The Purge Hunt 2.0

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  1. I doubt you would get this type of hunt because the apes never listen to their players
  2. ;’(
  3. Oh i love this hunt idea. 100% support make this real ATA
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  4. Yasss I messaged them recently & this is what they said

    “We already have our plans for this Halloween in the making, but we very much appreciate you sharing this with us, and it's always great to hear what players would like to see!”

    I mean it doesn’t sound like a no lmao🤷🏽‍♀️
    I’m gonna keep hope that they’ll do it someday☺️ atleast they recognized it lol
  5. This would be fun lmao. Helllla support
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  6. Knowing ATA, their plans will be PvE 😂
  7. that’s what I’m saying lmaooo

    but teams sound way more fun😭 lol
  8. Let us purge ATA. #Support
  9. Almost 3 years since the post. I hope they consider, this seems fun
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  10. Let’s get this show on the road😂😂

    Definitely it would be so amazing😭
  11. Bump because I still want this .. same rules , maybe just a new name for the hunt 😭😭 pls take into consideration @ATA
  12. Tl;dr. However, from the title and first few sentences, it sounds cool!
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  13. I liked this. I noticed you had previously stated they already created their idea for Halloween. This shouldn’t be a Halloween thing. It should start near the same day The Purge happened in the movies. On “Purge Day” in game, I think no peace tags should work.
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  14. Yesss omg that’s what I’m thinking!!! I think this kind of hunt would spice pimd so much cause it’s been kind of a snooze fest lately😭😭 repetitive hunts why not switch it up! I think a lot of people would enjoy this style of hunt while also holding the pvp features of the game to a higher pedestal ! I wonder if ATA sees this stuff lol
  15. I also think, the whole Purge was to get rid of the poor. Now you can’t actually do that in the game. BUT the devs could add some expensive deals with awesome add-ins for the rich.

    I know at one point insurance had jacked up prices, and people were unable to “shield” their houses. This could be done the same way through the WHOLE hunt. Let’s say everyone buys a 1K ticket in store for “protection”, but a random selected few will be hit with the unfortunate *no peace tags can be in affect until (end date/time of hunt)*.
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  16. Omg yessss I support!!!! I was going to suggest peoples dorms can get looted & other players can try to steal each other’s furniture ! You know the purge there are no laws! Lmaoooo
  17. Hell nah I got my stuff fair and square
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  18. 😂😂😂😭😭 I’m taking it too far now lol
  19. I think the forums could use a little … something
  20. Fr
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