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  2. Grievances
    By: ******** ******

    Lyranna Melbourne was never like most kids her age. Most people at age 15 were worrying about boys or homework. Some deal with parents splitting, even fewer deal with abuse. Lyra had much more to deal with. School stress, family stress, and her mental illness combined made her life unbearable by age 14. Prescription after prescription, nothing helped the stress. Stress made Lyra nothing more than an empty shell. Barely able to function, without emotion is how Lyra spent the majority of her days. All because of her mom's abusive boyfriend.

    Chapter 1:
    It's been four years since my mom got back together with her boyfriend Collin. At first I was wary of him and his actions, worried that my mom would become hurt again. But after six months or so I trusted him enough to know that my mom wouldn't get hurt by him leaving again.

    (I blurred out my real name... I got bored and wrote a story in Notes and then sent the beginning to a bunch of people xDD)
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  5. Every kiss begins with K
  6. You're so scary  but by the way you type I thought you were at least 11

    Hey RA, Bite me ?
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  8. From when I was tryna figure out how to make gifs my wallpaper-_-
  9. It's alright ? Now as a test you are to rp on a wall of some rp fanatic in campus about unicorns
  10. Since you've gone nothing's been the same, the wind don't sing and the sky's so dim

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