EVENT The Mirror Lake Dare

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  1. I recommend keeping an eye on this thread to know how to get a hunt avatar of your liking. 🌚🖤
  2. I’m so ready for that blood-stained avi on the far right. I waaaaant it 😭😭🥺💜
  3. I love this soooo much!
  4. Bye me all this hunts furniture k thxxxx
  5. I want the avatars so bad
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  6. How do you get the girl avis with the crow and umbrella??
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  7. How do u get the 2 female Avi with the raven
  8. I love this Hunt,great job
  9. Isn't there enough horror themed stuff out already... it's getting kinda tedious tbh.
  10. Shes the side story avatar I think.
  11. In love with this hunt so far... I want everything!
  12. Why do I always love the avis that there is no possible way for me to get? The blonde is the perfect S3x_Metal_Barbie and I’m guessing it’s only available to top 100... how do we get these otherwise?! I need that blonde!!! It looks exactly like Maria Brink!
  13. The best looking avatars are always top 100/10. No one is forcing you to go for those but if you have the money and time go for it, otherwise complaining isn't going to do anything. 🙃
  14. Welcome to Mirror Lake, where boxes are suddenly worth 3-4 chibis each. Utterly terrifying!
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  15. Idk if anyone else has this problem but the pet styles aren't in the Pet Style boxes for me :/
  16. Um how do we get each avi?
  17. What a wonderful hunt. Thanks ATA.
  18. Agreed! Spooky and darkbis my everyday decor and attire!
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  19. 😍😍😍
  20. The avis holding crows are everything omg. I NEED her.