EVENT The Mirror Lake Dare

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  1. I'm not accepting the anime lite box...
  2. Cooo
  3. Where will you get the center female avi?
  4. Right 💀 I got tons of hunt furni & I just keep selling it, only opened maybe 5-7 boxes 📦
  5. How do you get the clawed hand avi ???🤔
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  6. Can anyone tell me Where you can get the hunt avatar with the parasol?
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  7. I wanna know about the parasol avi too
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  8. You spend your life savings.
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  9. ATA at it's greedy best with this hunt. Obviously changing the algorithm with drops. They post this thread showcasing the new furniture, and see that everyone is thirsty for it. Then, greedily change the algorithms for box drops so people buy more ECs to open more boxes to get more....wait for it.....shards!!! Yay! ATA selling false hope to us all. Literally every furniture item from this hunt that's in my dorm has been a PURCHASE, and not a box drop. Generally, I would have at least gotten a floor or poster, and in most cases, a shelf item. Not a single furniture item has dropped. Well, congratulations to the new developer, ATA Queens. Your salary is covered with all the players $ spent on this rigged ass hunt. Another win for ATA. FOH
  10. I have to agree on above. I have never had this low drop rate. Last couple hunts I got furni in almost all my boxes. I reacted because it was quite frequent. This lasted over Lion King, 90s, and Anime hunt. Those hunts I opened a bunch of boxes so it's not just luck. This hunt I have gotten floor and maybe a shelf item at best. Opened at least 60 boxes and got 6-7 items (3 of them being floor). It's noticable how low the drop rate considering that everyone is complaining over the low sudden rate of drops
  11. I dont like this hunt ata
  12. How in Earth do u get the other Avis in this set?
  13. You spend hundreds of dollars,and line Sara's greedy ass pockets. Also,enjoy your free lite box from last hunt.
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  14. That doesn't help lol. It's not a leaderboard Avi. It's not in boxes. Is it a side story Avi or main story Avi? I'm confused I haven't seen it anywhere
  15. Or... you can just hit parties and get them like everyone else.
  16. Hi, so I'm not actually satanic myself but I've at least taken the time to educate myself on it and it really is a positive belief and there are different...beliefs in it just like in christianity. It deals more with believing in yourself and putting yourself first. Just saying that maybe you should look into the creeds before judging it. I'm actually happy that there is a game that puts minority religions first because it's rare to find things like this. I'd love to see a druid pagan hunt though. 😁 But yeah, look into it.
  17. y'all have never heard of gambling huh. i bet y'all leave bad yelp reviews at casinos when you lose.

    parasol/umbrella avi is more than likely side story since main story/leaderboard/box avis have been seen alrdy
  18. Same but I don't know how to get her
  19. How do you get each avi?