The Jungle Look - Top Rewards

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. About time for a furry hunt ?
  2. You'll get the t100 ava or t10
  3. :roll: i don't WANT the t10 av. if i wanted it, id have flashed for it instead of spending 11k ec.
  4. How can i play jungle book
  5. Over 30 boxes used maybe 40 and no jungle brute
  6. The jungle hunk and jungle queen on this forum says 55%/14% and 14%/55%
    But the text rewards says 50/14 and 14/50

    Not that big of a difference but which is right?
  7. How long is the furniture supposed to stay in the store? I wanna get something but I'm not buying ECs until there's a sale 
  8. must be so tough.....opening a whole 30 boxes...and not getting the av.... :roll: ?????????????????
  9. I want one but how pls help
  10. I want one but how pls help
  11. Bring the old hunts back?
  12. This hunt was fun, actually
  13. Is there any option for me to send the female ava to other player?
  14. Make avatars giftable ?
  15. ROFL the female in the leotard looks like Gabby from TheGabbyShow.
  16. What was top 100 ? Rewards out yet ?
  17. Top 100116653 at 4.00 a, sgt 12 pdt and yes rewards are paid
  19. I got 116653, I didn't get anything?
  20. Bumping because these avis were hawt af ?