The HypnoCat Weekend Mixup

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  1. I agreed with V_Cjs.... It's good to see the cat drop on other parties, even if ata don't want to make the cat drop back in FA but at least make more drop in DIY as this will be helping a smaller club to achieve the cat
  2. seriously, just get rid of cat cafe completely or just get rid of that bar that needs a hypnocat and make it a difficult bar like the complain bar. Its not difficult, ata.
  3. KingShadow

    That is ATA way of making real life money off us is by using the cats and having them so high in price of ec and hardly falling in any parties period. If they got rid of the popular good pay party or the cat than they wouldn't be making no money. Of course they did just fine with out the extra money though. I agree with you though lol. Switching the parties has not helped up during this weekend koz the cat drops are EXTREMELY low. But they are trying to make PIMD more exciting so gotta give them credit for that. They are trying there best and they are finally starting to listen to our feed back. Give it time people. NONE OF US WILL EVER BE HAPPY WITH EVERY MOVE THEY MAKE they cant satisfy us all at once all the time with everything they do.
  4. just get rid of the stupid party
  5. Lol is the mixup that the drops were 1:1000?
  6. erase cat cafe and all is solved?
  7. Erase Cat Cafe ️ Support 
  8. When is this event over and will it return to pp and fake art??
  9. are the cats droppin from FA
  10. LMAOOO

    Ok first of all I don't have 2 VIP clubs on me not even 1 maybe like 5-6 from A VIP club. So stop lieing. And y'all can farm me. Try to make my defense losses to 100k
  11. Hey guys,

    The weekend mix up drops are still in effect, we'll be changing the HypnoCat drops to a new home later today when we release the new party
  12. OMG new party WHAT!?!?!?
  13. correction parties
  14. Please increase the cat drop rate
  15. Now there's more than one!!!!
  16. I saw item 3  just felt a bit of excitement was called for