The HypnoCat Weekend Mixup

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by pimd, May 24, 2014.

  1. No drop. Whole day diy
  2. Guessing it's another pro for drops. Reports of EJPop and RKS have not been confirmed as last party. It would make sense to have two pros and two easy parties drop. (DIY and CC easy; CCPro)... Wonder if the community will work together to find that last party?!?!
  3. I really feel it's from Beer 
  4. 
  5. Sounds like we need to get to partying then
  6. Weekends almost over .....lmfao and players still what the last party is.....too funny
  7. Weekends almost over .....lmfao and players still dont know what the last party is.....too funny
  8. Oh my, i didnt get the joke
  9. Is this a permenant change or just for the weekend?
  10. O_O i never get a cat drop
  11. So no ones tried bro step???
  12. So where are ppl getting drops?!
  13. For one- ATA dint give a full weekend they started it Friday night. For two hardly anyone has received any LOL! Its just as bad as before with the drops hahaha. Thanks for trying though ATA trying is what matters!
  14. It's refreshing to see hypnocats dropping in a Pro Party as well as other parties.

    With hypnocats no longer dropping in Prank Primer and Fake Art 101, it will be even harder and longer for smaller clubs to win one.

    I hope the new Party Promo will fix this concern.

    If not, I wish the developers will re-consider bringing back hypnocat drop to Fake Art 101.

    Thanks. 
  15. Been doing DIY for too many times and still no drops. Tried Enjoi J-Pop and still no drop. This thing is getting harder and harder ???