The Hall of Showcase Collectors!

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Kefo, Jul 31, 2020.

  1. @-_nezuko_- is working on a collection of blue items. Keep an eye on this space.
  2. I've wanted to collect any creepy, monster hunter, cryptid, detective-ish and supernatural stat items. From EMF readers to bleeding candles. I'm far from completing it, but I've always loved the idea of making my dorm and showcase be that of a supernatural being who solves crimes, has a cute cat, and tries to keep the human populace from finding out about their existence. >w>
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  3. @Nyanfel that's an awesome concept. Looking forward to seeing it realized
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  5. I never seen a collecteros showcase but that’s a good way to use the feature. Now I want to collect something!!
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  6. I think once I can clear out some of my things I want to sell I'll do a starred showcase collection. Idk what though. Probably just items I really like instead of a specific theme.
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  7. @Tyler has a completely empty showcase. Not even a porta potty. Aside from fresh accounts, I've never seen someone with a showcase that clean and clear.

    It might not stay like that forever but it's sort of epic.
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  8. I’m collecting amethyst stuuffff. Sadly my collection is not that great. πŸ˜” pls trade same stat amethyst misc for my UNstarred. ✌🏼
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  9. Why thank you for the great post, it took me a long time to build my collection
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  10. @-iSunshine- collects wonderland items! Story Rewards, boxes, furniture, etc. From that hunt and has quite large stacks of them!

    Very nice!
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  11. Lowkey my favourite so far!
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  12. I had an old acct that I killed. It had lots of the old nachos collection items. Plz share some nachos
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  14. I'm almost caught up with the bb items! Only a couple more are needed
  15. @Shortii21 going for the pins!

    @Andis going for the spinners!!

    Wishing luck to both of them with their collections!
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  16. I do like he
  17. There's such a thing? Well...spend your retirement savings is the best strategy!🀣
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  18. Some collections can be easily traded for without spending on cats. πŸ™Š
    Some are super expensive tho like if you collect all food or all animals. You'll probably be trying forever and never make it!

    But the journey is what makes it fun, not the end point. It's always the journey that matters.
  19. I was lucky to complete my collection πŸ˜‹
  20. Oh nice! And are you collecting all the spinner sets now too?