The great reset

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  1. The world economic forum doesn't deny that the NWO's installation is completely dependent on the pandemic.

    To quote Klaus Schwab,executive chairman and founder, world economic forum:

    "The pandemic represents a narrow and rare window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine and reset our world."

    You can read the full article below, along with other articles from people with influence:

    Now they have started talking about the great reset and presenting it in good light. This will help them push for mandatory vaccination harder, and the reset will be applauded by the people.

    Time to wake up
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  2. I'm not seeing an issue?
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  3. That is the problem
  4. There is no problem
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  5. It's time for me to step in
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  6. You are the problem. Vaccinations should be mandatory to keep dipshits like you from passing terrible illnesses that could have been avoided to people who are unable to receive the vaccine. And we’re not talking about microchips so please spare me that shit. Go read about the outbreaks of measles. How many people have died from a disease that’s fucking preventable. Better yet, stop spreading bullshit on the internet and do something more productive with your time.
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  7. Oh hell no.
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  8. If you don’t believe that vaccines should be mandatory I would love to hear why.
  9. Because I had seizures after multiple vaccines as a kid. And the doctor said..."oh it's no connected...theres no evidence of vaccines causing seizures" they kept giving me more.

    Fast forward to having my own kids and telling the doctor why I was hesitant to give my kid the vaccine and she says, "Yeah, that was a problem with the old vaccine they used. But they use a new formula now"

    Look at history. Medical research is always evolving. What's best today will be considered barbaric tomorrow. Why not make blood letting with leeches mandatory too?

    Nothing medical should ever be mandatory. The end.
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  10. Are you for or against abortion?
  11. Against elective abortions.
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  12. Why?
  13. Because fornication is a sin. And the lord told us married folks to go forth and multiply.
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  14. I’m for the reset, and whether you want it to or not, the world is changing. But I also have faith in us humans to be sensible enough to react logically in combating this act of NWO before it happens. Changes are already happening, and if you continue to follow who you truly are, things can only become better for your reality.
  15. People like you are the problem here. Your stupidity knows no bounds if you're supporting the propaganda of the globalists which is pretty evident by now
  16. Yea but as far as law goes, in a country with freedom of religion you can’t base laws off of personal religious beliefs. Most people against abortion feel that way because they see it as murder and are protecting the child. But we can’t pick and choose when it’s ok and when it’s not to protect a child.
    “Neglect is a pattern of failing to provide for a child's basic needs. It is abuse through omission; of not doing something resulting in significant harm or risk of significant harm.”
    So if by not vaccinating our children because you just choose not to, wouldn’t that then be considered abuse through omission? And child abuse is obviously against the law.
    Schools already require children to obtain vaccines before being enrolled, to keep them safe. Even some colleges, and jobs.
    To become a US citizen to must get vaccines for measles mumps and rubella.
    So why is it ok to require by law that new US citizens must be vaccinated but people born here should have a choice? And why is it ok that a parent can choose to not vaccinate their children, potentially leading to that child becoming incredibly ill and even dying, and that’s ok? That should be a choice that we’re allowed to make?
  17. Omg I’m not supporting “propaganda” from anyone. I’m supporting the fact that a fucking vaccine keeps you and the people around you from becoming ill and dying and that should be fucking mandatory. That’s fucking common sense. You’re a dipshit.
  18. I would be for the reset too if it wasn't increasing the economic disparity. The billionaires have added massive wealth during the lock down while middle class and poor have suffered. Small businesses are shutting down. 41% small businesses have shut down in the US according to data. Only the big corporates will survive if this continues, which will further transfer wealth and power to billionaires. I can keep going but you can do your own research
  19. That is quite the stretch there, did you pull a muscle doing all those mental gymnastics?

    Public schools can require vaccines, but you're always free to homeschool! Freedom baby!
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  20. why should a vaccine for a disease that has over 97% recovery rate be mandatory? How is that common sense?
    More than half the world doesn't want bill gates vaccine. Do you know what his vaccines have done to Indians and Africans in the past