The Best and Easiest Way to “Win” P.I.M.D.

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by ChrundleTheGreat, Dec 31, 2020.

  1. Be good at the game. Be wealthy. Make the ATA invoice printer go brrr.
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  2. Theres a win to this game?
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  3. you can finish pimd?
  4. No. You win by being number one, and then establishing a cult around your account that can never be overcome.

    I, however, am a loser.
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  5. So jillface?
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  6. LMFAO
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  7. Shes at number 1 spot
  8. i know. thats why i laughed.
  9. definitely agree with the cult part
    so many sheeple
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  10. i think the only way to win pimd is to not play pimd.
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  11. Hoenstly
  12. I want a cult
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  13. I will join your cult.
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  14. Im in a cult thats not a cult
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  15. I'm your fan club president.🥺
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  16. Genuinely considering making one tho to influence the market on pimd, bring peps back, and promote literacy and stuff on the app.

    More b standing for billions of pimd bucks, more buying up cheap pep bentos and inflating them, and whatnot else.
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  17. B is bentos 😉
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  18. Once you're LCBC, it doesn't end. Then you continue to build other stats and rank. This game is a never-ending marathon. Then you retire, and the plaque that says you won PIMD never comes in the mail.
  19. This made me think that ATA still uses a dot matrix printer in their office 😂 Those things made a noise I'll never forget. We had one where you had to tear the little strip of holes off the side of the page.
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