The Beautiful Game

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  1. The World Cup event y'all have been waiting for is HERE!

    Stay tuned for that noon phone call for a chance to participate in this beautiful game! The chance to win World Cup exclusive stat items and rewards through the Side Stories, Daily Challenges, new Parties and other delightful surprises await!

    Event Premium Parties

    Carrying on the event-exclusive premium party train!

    Because of the increasing difficulty in party tiers, it is very possible that you won't succeed at a harder party.

    What's going down:
    - There are only 2 Event Premium Parties this time, and not the usual 5.
    - These will be gone at the end of the event.
    - Each Party will cost a certain number of Footy Fan Face Paint to start.
    - Each Footy Fan Face Paint will cost 5 ECs and will be available at the Store. These Face Paints are a super rare drop from the Event Boxes too ;)
    - Yes, each Party must be unlocked by completing the Party preceding it.
    - These parties will give you an advantage with the Club challenges (see below!)
    - The more challenging the Party, the sweeter prizes.

    1 Footy Fan Face Paint for 5 ECs.

    Club Leaderboard

    We're welcoming back Club Leaderboards!

    This time around, your club's teamwork skills will be put to the test! You will be working amongst each other in competing with the rest of the PIMD universe in the PIMD World Cup 2018!

    Each day, your Club will have a chance to place on the Daily Club Leaderboard.
    Your Club's progress through these daily leaderboards will help determine your overall ranking on the PIMD World Cup 2018 Leaderboard at the end of the event!

    Winners of PIMD World Cup 2018 Leaderboard will be entitled to exclusive Club Pins, as well as individual rewards!

    Coordinate with your Club to collect as many Footballs as you can as a group. These Footballs will be dropping from Premium Parties and POTD/PPOTDs. The number of Footballs you collect daily will determine your progress on the Daily Club Leaderboard. Depending on your rank at the end of each daily leaderboard (noon Pacific Time), your Club will be awarded Goals.

    Footballs. Sidenote: There are two footballs as they are interchanged each day, but they mean one thing = Goals.

    These Goals, in turn, will determine your final ranking on the PIMD World Cup 2018 Leaderboard. The more Goals you collect throughout the event, the higher your chances are of being the ultimate Champion of PIMD's World Cup 2018 at the end of the event!

    Important Things to Keep in Mind:
    - Collected Footballs are reset at the beginning of every Daily Leaderboard (noon Pacific Time).
    - The final Daily Leaderboard will end 15 minutes before noon on the 17th of July to give our system time to tally the final number of Footballs and Goals before the event ends.
    - Goals may or may not drop from Parties. Who can really say?

    Literal Goals.

    May the best club win! Good luck!

    Avatars for Top 10 and Top 100 Player Leaderboard

    To sweeten the pot a tad this event, we will be giving recolors of the avatars to players who win the Player Leaderboard avatars based on whichever team wins the World Cup!

    The Top 100 tier will get a recolor with the winning team’s Away colors, while the top 10 tier will get recolors with both Home and Away colors.


    Are y'all getting a kick out of this dorm?

    All furniture above are available through the Summer Furniture Box, Event Boxes and Furniture Store!
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  2. now that'll really shut em up eh?
  3. Don care much for the furni, but I am excited about club leaderboard!
  4. Nope not doing it
  5. actually you were 6th
  6. Furnitures aren't that good
  7. Not a fan of soccer but my crush plays it so y’all have my cats ️?
  8. They said “here have your damn World Cup hunt”
  9. At long last
  10. Woot woot ?
  11. i cannot thank you enough sir Marceline & Your team. This hunt is appreciated. The beautiful game it is, I love it & its for everyone.
  12. You guys need to fix the lite boxes! They still have the old hunts avis and furniture
  13. We're working on this right now. The issue is just visual, the boxes are giving the correct rewards.