The Ballerina and The Shoes

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  1. Once there was this ballerina who actually wasn't a ballerina at all,more like a loaf of bread... Couldn't help but dream of growing up to be a bagel. Only problem the ballerina which isn't a ballerina also dreamed of being a shoe salesman, that was a meowing Christmas tree. This loaf of bread had many dreams til one day was toasted and smothered in butter, and then became breakfast.

    The end 
  2. MY breakfast 
  3. it may have indeed been my breakfast ?
  4.  Wat happen to the shoe
  5. Never made it that far before being gobbled up ?
  6.  note taking for my story.
  7.  read me another one
  8.  is there a story bout eggs and bacon
  9. Still beautiful as ever
  10. Holy.. still a great read.
  11. But you didn't need to bump it. 🥴
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  12. Idk I was feeling hungry and didn't know what I wanted. Now I know I want toast