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    I love that this is so random
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    Tier 11: Deadly Gods

    Hi everyone! There wasn't a tier 11 guide up yet so I decided to make one and let me say I cried and my dreams of becoming LCBC faded away into the thin air... but hopefully you can use this guide to your advantage!

    Table Of Contents

    1. The Crew
    2. The Costs
    3. The Costs in Depth
    4. The Stats
    5. The Pure Builds
    6. Credits

    The Crew

    The Boxer: Pure Strength

    Art Student: Even Build

    Influencer: Pure Intelligence

    The Cost

    So these peeps looking cute over here ;) But how much does it cost to bring them inside your little tower :(

    Level 1: 6.9T

    Level 2: 8.6T

    Level 3: 10.3T

    Level 4: 11.7T


    ... Can I have a small loan of a million dollars? NO! It wont help.

    The Costs in Depth

    So Math Time!

    If each T11 costs 37.5T each...


    And there are 62 dorms


    And you want to fill all 62 dorms with T11 that are LVL4 then

    37.5T(62)= 2.325P (P is quadrillion)

    2.325 Quadrillion to LCBC...

    The Stats

    @Level 1 the stats of a T11 is 2.3MCS

    @Level 2 the stats of a T11 is 2.518MCS

    @Level 3 the stats of a T11 is 2.684MCS

    @Level 4 the stats of a T11 is 2.778MCS

    How about being LCBC?

    T11 LVL1: 142.724MCS

    T11 LVL2: 156.283MCS

    T11 LVL3: 166.441MCS

    T11 LVL4: 172.267MCS

    The cost for becoming LCBC is so high I havent even seen ONE player in the community being a T11 LVL4 LCBC... if you have then let me know!

    The Pure Builds


    Pure Strength

    If you are a Pure Strength build then your stats will look like this at each level!



    LVL 2


    LVL 3


    LVL 4



    If you are an Even build then your stats will look like this at each level!



    LVL 2


    LVL 3


    LVL 4


    Pure Intelligence

    If you are a Pure Intelligence build then your stats will look like this at each level!



    LVL 2


    LVL 3


    LVL 4



    • Celi
    • Kellie
    • Smartass
    • Pride
    • Humility
    • Rynnethia
    • -Pa_DragonLily-

    You all helped in many ways even if you dont it! AKA your guides and your black friday calculations to get LCBC ●•●


    <~>THE END<~>

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    [stat] no/ noooo [/stat]
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    Forums is a place
    Where people throw shade in vain
    Oh I want popcorn!
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    Congratulations to you all! These players will help the new players in the community become even better!
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    This was so much fun to go through
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    PIMD Haiku Contest

    Hello, all! It's Hailey, and...

    My last contest thrived,
    so I'll give you a sequel!
    Below are details...

    As I said in my own little haiku, I previously held a drawing contest that I think went quite well! So for the unartistically inclined, I decided to hold another one.


    Create a PIMD-themed haiku!

    For those that do not know, a haiku is a type of poem that originates in Japan.

    The rules of a haiku are simple, but forming one can be very difficult. It does not require any rhyme scheme, but it must be 3 lines long and each line must have a certain amount of syllables. The first has 5 syllables, the second has 7, and the third one has 5 again.

    And, of course, I am requiring you to keep the poem PIMD-themed.


    There will be 3 winners, at different placements. The placements and prizes awarded are as follows:

    First Place
    • 1× Otaku Party Amp
    • 1× "Buns and Roses" Floor Plant
    • 1× Holo-Crystal Lamp
    • 1× 3mcs Lip Smacking Smoothie
    • 1× 500kcs Basketball Team Cookies
    • 1× 400kcs Flowering Paper
    • 1× 250kcs Easter Tulips
    • 53× Bolts (Non-Starter)
    • 25× Nuts (Non-Starter)
    • 198× Washers (Non-Starter)
    • 4× Countdown Boxes

    Second Place
    • 1× Bro Code Party Amp
    • 1× "Buns and Roses" Tea Tray
    • 1× "Buns and Roses" Wreath
    • 1× 1mcs Playerade
    • 1× 250kcs Fabric Lei
    • 1× 250kcs Popcorn Basket-Bag
    • 51× Bolts (Non-Starter)
    • 25× Nuts (Non-Starter)
    • 196× Washers (Non-Starter)
    • 3× Countdown Boxes

    Third Place
    • 1× "Buns and Roses" Wallpaper
    • 1× "Buns and Roses" Floor
    • 1× "Buns and Roses" Display Shelves
    • 1× 250kcs Referee Water Bottle
    • 1× 250kcs Shot Spinner
    • 1× 250kcs Sweet and Sour Sunglasses
    • 51× Bolts (Non-Starter)
    • 25× Nuts (Non-Starter)
    • 196× Washers (Non-Starter)
    • 1× Countdown Box

    Donations are welcome. You may remain anonymous if you would like.

    Prize pot donations must be sent in by Tuesday, April 30th, 2019 at 12PM Pacific Daylight Time (aka changeover). This is so I have time before the contest officially ends to divide the prizes up and have this original post updated.

    Prize pot donation deadline has occured. Donations are no longer being accepted.


    The contest will end on Thursday, May 2nd, 2019, at 12PM Pacific Daylight Time (aka changeover).

    All entries must be posted in this thread prior to the deadline.

    Special Thanks

    I would like to publicly thank the following people...

    @iLacyThotWantsToSpankYou | @-iAMgRooT
    @RawringHotCoffee | Anonymous Donors

    ☆ Good luck! ☆

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    did I make it yet?
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    omg I made it guys.
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    Hey all yall just here to say that the Mairy Tail hunt is finally here!

    Come join us during this 14 day event to earn event rewards: avatars, stat items, furniture among other magical items!

    Event Avatars

    Sneak preev on a few of the avatars up for grabs!

    Pet Styles

    You see that blue cat up there thats the pet style

    Best pet cosplay now made available to you through the Store and in our brand new Pet Styles Box!

    PvP Aspect

    Hey you want PvP we give you PvP! This hunt there are three leaderboards! The regular item collection leaderboard, team pvp leaderboard, and solo pvp leaderboard!

    There are NO protections this hunt so the only way you can protect yourself is by having peace tags!

    Here are the ways to obtain Guild Emblems for the pvp leaderboard

    1 Successfully attempted Fight/Dance

    50 Emblems

    1 Successfully attempted Prank/ED

    35 Emblems

    Cat Cafe will drop 1 emblem periodically!

    Go out there enjoy and just so you know this is a concept so this doesnt exist yet... @ATA hmu plz I want this hunt
  15. Huehue it works
  16. Positive Vibes

    Hey sisters! Hello friends :) How are you doing? In a time of mayhem/ negativity right now take a step back and step away! You may be frustrated mad and a bunch of other feelings, but don't worry!

    In order to push positive vibes out more, i'm holding a little giveaway thing :) Post an image below of you being nice/ helping someone for a small gift! You can do it as many times as possible!

    I hope you all feel happy and positive at all times! If you ever feel bad, take a step back and take a break!


  17. Hello everyone,this is my first thread I hope I don’t mess up haha.

    Through out my time playing, i noticed PIMD brings out new avatars for the month. Which is totally fine with me but having them there for a month kinda made me think why not have two different sets ?
    Say half the month new avatars will come out in store.

    My idea of this topic is bringing back May spinner avatars instead of timer boxes we have now. Also being totally different from the avatars in store. The spinner avatars will remain for a month as for the avatars in store my idea still stands in having two different selections in one month.

    With this said this a test for me to find out how many people actually agree with me?

    ?Vote Now?
  18. Hey everyone, so not sure if any other player has this problem of not being able to earn free extra credits because all participating companies acquire a purchase via their website.

    I remember before we could click a section where it said “more offers” and in this section is where actually free ECS were earned. Either by simply downloading the app or acquiring a certain level on the app. I am aware the ECS are almost as twice or 1.5 of the original price from store for example $20=200ecs in store, while in the “free ecs” $20 could equal 350ecs even 400ecs. The whole point of introducing this section to us as players is for us to actually earn Free Ecs without any purchase whatsoever.

    ATA please bring back these option even if it was for only 4-7ecs each, better then the chances i have getting some free Ecs from the spinner.