Terrible VIP Story Drop Rates

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  1. Hello all!

    So I’ve sent a few help tickets, which were of little help, and I haven’t seen many, if any posts about the current terrible drop rates for VIP stories (if there have been posts, sorry I missed them).

    Specifcially, I want to talk about the Xianglu VIP story, which requires collexting Tuanshan Fan items. This was the VIP story from around Easter. It is a timed story that ends in 7 Days. You’re required to get 95k Fan drops, and then the option to collect another 95k drops to do the same story again to collect male or female Avis based on your first choice.

    From a free POTD, you get 140 Fan drops, from a 35 EC PPA, you get 250 (I believe) Fan drops. From a 69 EC CC, you get 500 Fan drops. All these make sense. From a 22 Invite Explosives Expert, we should expect to get around 880 Fan drops, but for 7 days now, it’s only be 140 Fan drops. A free POTD that can be completed in right around an hour is currently more efficient than spending 110 EC per 22 invite party to get the same drops. This needed to be fixed yesterday.

    I’ve sent help tickets, one had a decent response. 6 days ago they replied that they were aware of the issue and planned to fix the low drop rates. I wouldn’t be so frustrated that it’s taken 6 days for them to fix something that I’ve seen them fix in a few hours, but this VIP story ends in 7 days, and lots of people are desperate to finish.

    So I wanted to create this post to bring more public attention, hopefully discussion, requesting ATA fixes this asap AND compensates for all the missed drops from invite parties, OR extends the VIP story for another 2 weeks or however long until they fix the low drop rates. I hope other players are feeling my same sentiment of frustration, and just want ATA to clear things up for us.

    Sorry for the long post, thanks for reading!
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  2. I finished the pass a few weeks ago, but I distinctly recall previous invite hunts having the fan drop rate equivalent to the main drop rate for the invite party. It's upsetting that this has been altered, and has not been fixed yet despite them being aware of the issue, with the deadline encroaching so fast. Hopefully it gets fixed ASAP and some form of compensation for lost drops can possibly occur!
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  3. It’s very unfortunate but I wouldn’t expect an extension going off what happened with the last story pass. Some form of compensation is more likely but it will probably be dns or something & not literal missing drop items.

    Sorry for the pessimism & if I came off rude but I’m just going off of what happened with the mess of the last story pass.
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  4. I had the same issue during the last invite hunt in May. Sent in a help ticket to ask if there was an error with the 140 capped fan drops because I clearly remembered getting 880 fan drops for the invite hunt prior. Two days later, I noticed the drops were fixed and back up to 880. I’ve probably missed out on the extra drops for over 10 parties so I sent a message again asking if we would get those drops back. ATA’s response was it was intended to be 140 drops but the team decided to increase the drops to a higher amount for the rest of the hunt and so no compensation for the missed drops will be given. I’m guessing this is probably the same case for this hunt and the lowered drop rates isn’t an error.
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