Tea Time w/ Nature

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What would you do if an Ex started talking shit?

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  1. Expose them and make them stfu🙈

  2. Just ignore them🙄

  3. Fuck they friend and piss em off🤭

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  1. I would think calling someone a “pedo”, regardless if true or not, is considered public defamation which is against the Terms of Use.
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  2. You would think 😂But then think abt how much of a fuck ATA would really give
  3. The whole thread is against TOU
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  4. Even if it is 🙂The thread wouldn't exist if ppl would stop being dumb and if ATA would pay more attention to who's playing 🤭But that's like trying to tell a turtle to run
  5. Wait, I'm confused he's 30 smth and he dating someone 30 years younger? She a fetus or smth?
  6. Not the tea I was expecting :(
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  7. Is she underage? If she is it's an issue but if not the age difference could be 69 years for what it's worth and it wouldn't be anybody else's business. Whatever two consenting adults do is between them. If she's underage go get em reported. This is outta pocket no matter which way you look at it.
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  8. Don't worry baby out of pocket it what I do🙂🤷🏾‍♀️But if you don't like it simply do read it💜 problem solved
  9. Interesting fanfic
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  10. i think i’m having a stroke