Tarot Dealer Is Dead

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  1. R.I.P.

    Guess she got hit and danced on too many times.


    Guess she didn't get a date.. just like me.

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  2. I wonder why the account is gone
  3. She hit y'all with that name change probably.
  4. thank God, i thought it was just my accnt.
  5. She came out of hiding..
    Temporary witness protection.
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  6. It seems even Tarot Dealers go emo.
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  7. I can still see her🌚 wtf yall talking about??
  8. You weren't here when she went emo. Only the realest know.
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  9. Did she went emo?😐
  10. Just name changed for a bit
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  11. Yeah she’s back as the tarot dealer
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