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  1. The central idea of this thread is that the devs have not been paying enough attention to the PVP aspect of the game. The following few points explain how:

    1. RS breaking against CF terms.
    Why is this bad?
    The whole point of RS is because you get stats from them and they help you increase your misc cap. Stats and Misc are directly related to PvP. Consider this:
    If I am farming person X who is RS to Y, then Y is basically helping X by providing defense bonus and date bonuses. If you ask older players, helping a farm by gifts, strips, cats, etc is forming an alliance.

    2. PvP Hunts
    The title says it all. Some like to play fairy some like to play farmer. Neither is good or bad, both enjoy the game in their own ways. What my problem is that as a player who really likes PvP, it is really hard for me to survive in comparison to my fairy counterparts. For example:
    I hit pippo all day and pippo hits parties all day. Pippo can hit dogs/cats and earn a LOT of cash while PvP is not really the best way to make bank. Now Pippo can use that cash to upgrade, putting me at a disadvantage.
    Misc: I hit pippo so obviously my hunt drops are going to be low (unless i hit pippo then i dn to hit party). In the long run, pippo is not even interested in PvP yet because of hunts she will gain misc over me if I only decide to hit her and not parties.

    3. PvP Cash
    While I made a point about this already, it would be amazing if ATA could introduce some new mechanism for PvP players to make extra cash while hitting other players. A really amazing example of this was Battle Cat Cafe. (You hit other players and earn bonus cash. This hit is registered as party hit)
    Important mention: Hit per Cash remains same when hitting party regardless of regen percentage. However, the milking patterns still apply to PvP. I really think something should be done about this.

    4. Monotonous Mechanisms
    I believe that the game has been repetitive for some time. This point may not be directly related to thread theme so I apologise for that, but for the past few years there really hasn't been anything different. It is still strength and intels where strengths will earn more money from party, lose less money in strips, take more money while stripping and it, in my opinion, puts intel to shame. I think reworking the way intel and strengths work would be a really good starting point. Additionally, a third field can be added. For example Charisma. This defines your luck while getting bonuses and opening boxes or something.

    5. Peace Tags
    I most definitely understand not everyone enjoys PvP, hence the peace tag.
    Player X indulges in Partying, while Y indulges in PvP. Considering for a brief moment Partying/Farming to be the only aspects of the game, by using peace tag X completely shut down the farming aspect of the game. On the other hand, Y does not have a way of shutting down parties for X. A really good example to fix this was 'War Tags' that I remember reading about in forums.

    ps: I am new to forums so I do not know if all of these have been said before together. if they have, sorry for wasting your time.
  2. I agree there’s hardly ever any new PvP content that comes out. The last thing “big” that happened was in-fact the removal of RS breaks as a ceasefire term. As I’ve stated before, ATA could have removed the ask out token as an EC option. Rather than lose out on profits, (not that you guys already don’t make enough) you meddled with ceasefire terms which didn’t have to be messed with at all. An RS will always be a direct target, it makes no sense to not have breaking RS as a ceasefire term. There have been no positive or exciting changes or additions to PvP, on this game that was originally nothing but.
  3. im not the biggest fan of pvp, in fact i find it very annoying but honestly id have to agree with u. i feel like pimd is very catered towards the “party” aspect of the game when originally pvp and wars used to be a bigger thing compared to partying (i think). and the fact that a lot of pimd updates are very repetitive, like the hunts and stuff, so there’s really not much to look forward to. i do hope that they have a really big update in the near future that caters more to the pvp aspect because i feel like it’s very left out. honestly i just want smthng new because the novelty of new hunts and new content wears off really fast and we never really get anything major happening in the game tbh, it’s all the same.
  4. The devs literally have an xc and a story giving lite boxes for participating in interior decorating but can't fucking make a damned story for farmers. It is an utter disgrace, 7 years after iWars were removed and everyone under the fucking sun pled for them back, the best they could do was a few side-show hunts, half of which killed regular pvp mechanics.

    Truly a disgrace, snd while they're at it, these items with excessive stats are killing all competitiveness and balance in pvp.

    I can just glance at some peoples showcases and know I won't be able to get a hit in. That is fucked up and it kills my vibe.

    You are right. I like the idea of a boost to cash while farming. I mean they introduced the Fite Bar into store but I suspect that didn't hit the mark of balance, otherwise people would use it more often.

    FUCK PEACE TAGS WITH ALL MY HEART. The time for talk has been over. They didn't take any of my fantastic suggestions, instead declaring war on pvp for the umpteenth time. Whatever dev is ruining this game, go and suck ten sweaty feet of moldy bread.



    And graduate party plunder, for christ's sake. Reinstall pattern hits on parties so players understand fatigue as a mechanic. They can do it. This game is for adults, after all.

    I agree with most of this thread.

    Tan, we been screaming all of this for years in forums and unfortunately it doesn't matter how many fantastic ideas we come up with for them, there are some rotten devs at the top pushing this game into the shitter, who disregard pvp in lieu of profit despite what happened to The Meego, and despite PIMD being their flagship game.
  5. Where are the lite boxes encouraging players to volley tutors 10+ times a day, and dance players at least 6x (15 minutes is enough engagement for a daily check-in, right)? You think we need more interior decorators? Go home, you're drunk.
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  6. 1. The point of making "break RS" an invalid CF term is because it's an ec-value mechanic, hence why you also cant ask for furniture and prem party items (cats, dogs, kinis, etc) as a CF term.
    2-3. Good points, I miss PVP hunts especially so yes, support
    4. I like the repetitive nature ngl but that's just me, implementing some new features could be kewl though
    5. War Tags would be interesting, I only wonder how the game would go about interacting/counteracting with Peace Tags

    bonus 6. very well-thought out ideas, noice forum : )
    Kefo sounds like a male karen lol

    also- just realized HaBaek already explained number 1 oop
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  7. Not my fault that the manager is a pizza sheet.
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  8. For every like or comment on this page ATA devs probably get 10x the amount of people whining about being farmed in tickets not saying your wrong and there alot of good ideas here but money over everything.
  9. That is because they don't advertise this game, properly. Nobody should be surprised when a big bully from school pays their locker a visit.
  10. They game started as a PvP game yanno. I understand that this game is advertised as a roleplay game now but it wouldn't hurt to keep everyone happy.
  11. Funny -
    Tru votes Keefo for MOD in 2021 to keep Pho bowl company.

    Have a Great Day. : (
  12. They really could’ve just kept ask outs free like during Valentine’s Day but nope! That’s less profits 🌚🍵 Theyre making thousands of dollars at the bbbs I frequent, I suppose that’s not good enough. Rather let’s meddle with PvP and kill it altogether.
  13. Okay but we stan this Karen he is speaking for the people. The farmers of the crops.
  14. The people that cry that much are probably kids that shouldn’t be on the game altogether though. People who react to hits calmly and respectfully, the issue is almost always resolved in some way. Seems like an adult thing to which children cannot handle.
  15. it would be kinda weird to implement it now, would they have to issue refunds to the people who bought theirs recently/in general? i see what you mean but im not sure how realistic perm free ask outs is lol
  16. No they don't, just make them free🙃
  17. What Kefo said. I support Kefo.☝️
  18. it would be weird, it’s far too late at this point unless they would wait until valentines 2022….it’s the principle that they’d rather remove parts of ceasefires versus lose out on profits….
  19. fair fair, while you’re probably right on the last part, even if they didn't profit off of rs ask-outs it would still be weird to change since its been this way forever yaknow :0
  20. What has been forever?