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  1. Many of you have mentioned the Australian wildfires in recent weeks, to us and to each other, and with good reason. This is an unprecedented disaster on an unimaginable scale. And for some of us (including me), it's personal.

    In this case, with the emergency ongoing, if you would like to support the efforts of the people fighting the fires and the people living through them, it would be most effective to donate your money directly, rather than going through us.

    If you would like to make a donation, here are some links to organizations providing direct assistance.

    - In New South Wales, many of the fires are being fought by local rural fire brigades. You can support them through here:

    - In Victoria, volunteer firefighters are organized into the Country Fire Authority, or CFA. You can support them here:

    - GIVIT (Goods for Good Causes) is helping with obtaining items for people affected by the fires in New South Wales and Queensland. You can support them here:

    - The Australia Red Cross emergency fundraiser is here:

    - If you want to help with wildlife assistance (this includes helping koalas and kangaroos!), you can go here:

    If you are in Australia, affected by the wildfires, and need assistance, please check these links for helpful information.

    For New South Wales
    - Evacuation Centers, Disaster Welfare Assistance Points:

    For Victoria
    - Preparing for fires:
    - Live map of current fires:

    For all recovering from being affected by wildfires
    - Australian Government Department of Human Services:

    Whatever you choose to do, please be good to each other.
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    I think people want an opportunity to get an award as well like when you guys had that Haiti typhoon relief event and stuff.

    They probably miss philanthropist A.T.A which is why they came to you about it, but this thread is something.
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  3. Oops. Hurricane Harvey*
    It's been so long since then...
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    There could be one of these with a small map of Australia with a flame. That would be schmick.
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  8. Would be cooler still if ppl helped just to help rather than for a mobile game reward, but ya.
  9. Selfless helping? On PIMD?
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  16. Every donation counts! Our atmosphere currently is the equivalent to smoking a pack of ciggies a day - fine if you’re a smoker, less fine if you’re a baby, child or a person of any age with respiratory issues. There are kilometres of ash and dead wildlife up and down the eastern Coasts. I have friends and family who couldn’t leave their houses to celebrate Christmas or NY as they had burning embers floating into their properties in the Blue Mountains. Our PM says our RFS (rural fire services) Volunteers WANT to be there. Our PM has refused to take any climate action - the same guy who brought a lump of coal into Parliament years ago and taunted his opposition. Our PM fucked off to a holiday in Hawaii with his family while Australia burned. Our PM forced handshakes our of people in the Australian rural community who had lost their loved ones, homes and towns when he came back from Hawaii for a PR stunt. Please, if you can donate towards the RFS or organisations working to help injured wildlife it would be incredibly appreciated. We are in crisis and it feels that even our Government is in denial.
  17. Thanks ata of thinking off is Aussie’s. It affecting all of us Aussie’s in many way to fire taking lives and houses. To the smoke spreading across Australia affecting people with asthma and other medical problems. To shops not been able to stock up on all the normal food as trucks can’t cross certain roads and been held up due to bush fires. We had so much support so far from all cross the world every little bit helps or wild life and need it big time with so so many animal lives been lost 💔😭
  18. Thank you Zelda 💜 💔 I live in NSW and it's been absolutely devastating for us 🥺😭🐨🦘🌲🌴🌳🌺
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