Super Long Butthurt Thread For You To Troll

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  1. All the best, OP
  2. Bye Julie! Take care
  3. 2015: everyone is gone but the non spending rp'ers and trolls.

    2016: a thinking ape inc sells out due to their falling profit percentage
  4. The struggle of being too lazy to read it...
  5. later julie
  6. Julie <3
  7. I don't usually read long threads but for sum reason that was actually pretty interesting ?
  8. 2017: Tweak still hasn't personally met Raven.
  9.  later Julie ️
  10. aww john gonna follow me to every thread i post on? 
  11. Didn't deny it. Heh heh that gave me a nice chuckle.
  12. Lmfao you cant even answer one of my comments so why waste my time answering yours

    Bangerz are worthless fucks. Trash me then a day later they ran. 
  14. (|) i'll make you butthurt
  15. 2030 john still lame as fuck
  16. Finally.
  17. I read the first half then got bored. Excited to see the shit that will unfold.
  18. Awe. Bye Julie! I remember when you and I got into it and we both apologized. I have a lot of respect for you and I'm going to miss seeing you around forums. Everyone is leaving!  I'm going to cry!
  19. 2015~RIP PimD