EVENT Summertime Sunset

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  1. There are plenty of bookshelves that can still match this hunts decor though. Pretty versatile.🤔
  2. ((i just realized you probably know theres more than one side story bc of your showcase but yeah the coin one ended at 1k drops))
  3. Average hunt with average furni. Avas are okay 🤷🏼‍♀️ Not a fan of these shorter hunts either
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  4. Probably only for the top leaderboard
  5. Expensive 999 then.. only 10 in game at the end of the hunt
  6. Where can you find the side story? Does it come by the other tasks?
  7. When you answer the phone calls the side story should automatically pop up. If you’ve finished the first side story you’ll get another!
  8. Seaside babe avi (VIP) how? Is it in the side story?
  9. Yes second side story given by Kiran.
  10. SAME!!!! I AM NOT HAPPY. I can’t believe I spent real cash and didn’t get a single avi. WTF 😤😤😤
  11. Big mood. I’ve opened about 20 boxes as well bc I love the orange avi. Needless to say no avi and didn’t even get any good furni 😭
  12. You're not obligated to win anything, you open boxes at your own risk.
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  13. How do you get each avi????
  14. How do you get the black girl avi? The VIP version with black hair. Been partying and getting drops on the side story but no luck. Hunt's almost over too :(
  15. “Obligated”??? I think the word you’re looking for is ”guaranteed”.. and I’m well aware that it isnt guarenteed, so thanks a bunch pal! I’m allowed to he upset at the fact that my actually money was wasted trying to get ahead in this hunt and it was a total waste if time.
  16. That's nobody's fault but you're own.

    You decided to take the chance and open boxes for an avi and didn't get one. Be mad at yourself instead of others because they speak the truth. I don't make it everyone else's problem when i put $20 in a slot machine and lose.

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  17. I spent more than $20.. and Im not sure how I’m making this everyone else’s problem?? I was agreeing with another person for complaining about literally the exact same issue. I’m not mad at anyone.. only slightly amused that you’re trolling my posts. 😂
  18. I just think it's funny that you're so upset about something you chose to spend money on.
  19. Good for you that you’ve never regretted a single purchase in your life. I think you’re on your own there. But really Im so glad I could brighten your day, chuckles!! 😂 You do realize my original post was A WEEK AGO right?? What are you doing with your life
  20. And you do realize i replied to the post you made from less than an hour ago? You're the one who bumped this thread from the dead and i just happened to open it ✌🏻