EVENT Summertime Sunset

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  1. The tub 999ec item isn’t available in the hunt boxes?
  2. Probably t10 999
  3. Oh I didn’t think they posted t10 in forum
  4. so cute 😍
  5. why does he have no nipples
  6. so no third side story avatars right?
  7. There usually isnt for 1 week hunts i think.
  8. they fell off
  9. Berry average
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  10. It’s all so ugly
  11. Cute 💕
  12. Hate it. Sorry but I hate this hunt 🤷🏻‍♀️ just like I hate your choices in last hunts leaderboard avatar. You ruined my theme.
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  13. For the first time ever I like everything about this hunt 😍
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  14. I want the red haired avi so bad, its perfect 😭
  15. Well if you don’t like it I’m collecting the furni i will gladly buy them
  16. Rip nipples.
  17. is there no 1k side drop stat item?
  18. I LOVE THIS EVENT! I like the
    I LOVE THIS EVENT! I like the avatars and the furnitures! And the pets waaaah! So cute! Thank youuuu!!!! #summervibe
  19. 😍😍😍😍