LIMITED-TIME CONTENT Summer Avatar Shard Boxes

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by ATAMarceline, Jul 4, 2019.

  1. Why the pictures are not load????? Fix this
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  2. I just would like to know why the minority avatars always require the most items to complete? 🤔
  3. I can't see the images. They are all broken. Why is this happening? 😭
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  4. Cute avis but broke asf after last shard avis 🙃 thank you AtA tho! I hope BF this year we get a new set of "year-round" shards to collect....
  5. It's the new update... some images I can see and others I cant. Ppl have been fixing the images tho in comments section.
  6. Same
  7. Buying 110 capri shards with 1 bento
  8. Cannot see anything sadly.
  9. I thought I'm the only one who can't see the pictures because bad signal
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  10. Thank you for image
  11. I wait for the prices to drop b4 i buy anything from anyone on here some people just dont think to wait they act like its gonna disappear as soon as it drops and they don't buy
  12. Update the app bro
  13. No ... It's not for bad ... Need to update the app ... 🤐
  14. Selling 400 💚 for 2🍱 ... Wall me if it's ... Deal..... Otherwise offer your value 🙏 ... And buying blue 👣 100 : 1🍱
  15. Update the app bro
  16. Why do the images never show in the new forums
  17. Update the app
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  18. This is such a dirty money grabbing scheme. 149 each?! And what get 20 compasses in 1 probs...... wow it's just getting worse like you want me to pay $100 on a phone game for pixels pimd?!?!
  19. thank you, Jade. i can see it now 😊
  20. Actually, each one contains at least 800 compasses. How many of each kind is supposedly random though. Although I will admit that this game does try to get people to buy EC a lot, there are ways to earn free EC.