Suicide Awareness!

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  1. My tapeworm says that you are crazy tbh I didn't know it could talk until now it was a surprise
  2. Good job, realizing that you have a parisite is the first step in removing it.

    Proud of you my minion
  3. Loool.

    Do I has a parasite??
  4. I'll give you parasites bb ??
  5. Whoever is suicidal should not come to my uni.. Its esthetically pleasing, tall and all, but, like one second Youre admiring the people on the ground floor and the next thing you know you've bent a little too far forward and are now falling to your death.
  6. Who ever is suicidal see a therapist
  7. Why kill yourself when you can just kill other people ?
  8. Kill other people then kill yourself
  9. I support this thread. Also, I'm farming some really classless women on here who think suicide is a big joke. If you have lost people this way, you know its no joke.
  10. This month is bourbon month as well.
    Drink away your troubles.
    Problems don't need their own months.
    They need readers digest.
  11. another useless post :) some people simply have brain issues thats why the only thing you can do about it is to send them into the army so they can actually grow up and not emo around
  12. Go back to wiping asses
  13. finally can agree with jaco on something

  14. Let's all just hope you don't have suicidal friends if this is the shît you say ?
  15. Im are of it now thx