Suggestion About Avatars

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Would you like to choose which gender avatar you receive?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. With there being both male and female avatars of the same starts, this is my suggestion:

    If you get an avatar from a box, before being presented with the avatar you get from the box, I think it would be really nice if there was a pop-up question asking if you would prefer a male or female avatar first.

    Then, instead of getting avatars in a gender that you won't use or won't like to use, you will have avatars in your preferred gender, which would be more likely to be used, as opposed to just sitting in your inventory, very unlikely to be used.

    Anyway, I think this would be a really good idea because I know I, along with many others, would really prefer to have the choice regarding which gender avatar is received.

    I had mentioned this in feedback a while back, but was told to suggest it here to see what other people thought of it. So I have finally made my way in the forums to post this. Thoughts?
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  2. This is suggested every single time a new hunt rolls out. Hopefully through this thread they'll see just how many people would prefer it to work this way and do something differently.
  3. Wow what a unique know what else would be cool? Tradable avis. Totally never been suggested before
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  4. Tbh i think THIS is being asked more then trading them now....people stupid as fuck
  5. I support this idea only for the story-related avatar boxes. EC hunt boxes and hunt/monthly timer boxes, keep it randomized. But the story avatars should have the gender option like in the most recent story pass.
  6. Totally agree because I'm a newbie wanting cool avis but I have about 3 or 4 avis of gender I don't prefer. Could it be changed or something...?
  7. Unfortunately, as of now(and probably for the future), no.
  8. Geee🤦🏾‍♀️💔
  9. Heres a cool little tip: if you want a female ava, switch your current ava to male and vice versa
    Idk, it works for me :)
  10. Suggestion about ideas. Look on forums before making a post coz theres a good chance theres already people posted the same shit
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  11. I’d like to just dress mine up!!
  12. A
    and customizing Ava’s! Suggested tonnes of times now it’s time to implement it!! Coz Ava’s are important in this game now!
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  13. I think a hunt with PIMD face masks would be cool since almost everyone wears masks now . Could have lots of mask ideas too
  14. Well.. It won't happen because 1 it would mess with the Apes economy on how they get players to open boxes and so on. Even though it's "luck" it's hardly rare to get an avatar and to make it worse it's not the one you prefer so you keep on waisting money on the game...
    Blah blah
  15. ATA should release the old boxes again as the avis were better! 😪
  16. Do you mean the old hunt boxes? They can still be opened with keys and you can still get furnis and avis from it tho
  17. I think they mean the old old boxes that can’t be opened anymore
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