Stories Tiers and Rewards

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  1. They are saying that they never pair a black avi with a white one which is true
  2. They never have black ones so I'm not complaining myself
  3. Noticed it but it doesnt really bother me.

    Anyway, new sidestory!
  4. Yay I hope it has avis!
  5. Same that's why I bumped here. I'm clearly going to take forever collecting so I might as well see if it's worth speeding up
  6. it does! it has the last story vip avis
  7. The black Friday Avis was a black female with a white guy they mix up Avis color
  8. Oh yeah. It was the cyber avis, kinda Tron-ish. White guy then black girl.
  9. The new one please
  10. Lol be patient. It just came an hour ago ?
  11. So mean
  12. That's already an eternity I need answers nowww
  13. So the next tier needs 250. Gives out candy cane vodka, piggy banks. I'm only posting that because candy cane vodka. I want to have that. Though wont it melt? Haha

  14. Well the the traveling around the world hunt came with a black avatar (female) paired with a white dude


    JK. but really tho.
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  15. Why do they always pair white avatars with another white avatar? Matter fact why they got hunts with 3 levels of mayo?

    Think about your stupid ass question
  16. Actually it's not that stupid. Pimd should have avatars of different races paired together. Okay
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  17. Tbh I couldnt care less. The only thing I would dislike is if they implemented some sort of inclusively agenda and this was the result. They aren't really trying to pretend that they're being inclusive with a few non-caucasian avatars that they so generously pair together. They know most of their avatars are crackerZzz and they aren't really bothered. So meh.
  18. I felt triggered. You just can't control it. You can't
  19. Because white and black are the only two races ?