Still wanting that Shrek Hunt..

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  1. I thought my life was pretty complete... Right up until I read this. CLEARLY there has been an oversight and I am missing something amazing 😵 I wont rest until this comes to fruition 🤧
  2. Like Seriously 🌚

    Also, I think the devs could implement shard avis for that hunt. Shrek and Fiona as the third tier, Donkey and Puss as the second tier, and normal villagers or whatever as the first tier
  3. I like that aspect of a shrek hunt! People seem to really like shard Avis, why not make shrek and Fiona shard Avis?! IMAGIN THE RS POWER OF BEING SHREK AND FIONA!!
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  4. Reg and vip could be human Shrek and Fiona and ogre Shrek and Fiona
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  5. Love it af
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  6. Party In Me Swamp
    Support. 🤟🏼💚
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  7. I support this v much
  8. *clap clap* Alright ATA, it’s 2021, time for a Shrek hunt! Imagine the hilarity of it being the Valentine’s Day hunt!
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  9. S.U.P.P.O.R.T!💚
  10. Y’all got a whole year. Make it happen ATA 💅🏼
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  11. This sounds..... brilliant. I mean, couple avatars. Shrek and Fiona, then the Donkey with his dragon wife. Can even possibly add Farquad with that mirror.. possibilities are truly endless....

    Don’t get me started on the room, your own personal Swamp only a click away. ATA please.
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  12. Yes
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  13. Bump in support
  14. Y’all are crazy for thinking this will ever happen. It would mean ata would have to super copy the likeness of something that exists. Crazy people
  15. Supported ✅
  16. They copy things all the time 😳
  17. Lies!
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  18. Hurry tf up and give the people what they want
  19. It’s 2021. We’ve been in a panoramic for a whole year now. So WHERE IS THE SHREK HUNT?!?!?!
  20. But there was that ugly ogre avi a while ago🥺