Steven Universe Hunt

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by -SleepyHerondale-, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. Idk, I just love steven universe and would like to see it everywhere LMAO
  2. What's steven universe? Lol
  3. No thanks.
  4. No support lol
  5. What is this, 2016 tumblr?
  6. Love Steven Universe too but eh. ?
  7. I mean, I know its something that wont actually work for PIMD, you dont have to support this lmao, it was just a thought that came in my mind 
  8. How would that go? ?
  9. No, its a post about someone liking a show
  10. It wouldn’t go lol
  11. Well that was a rather fast 180°.
  12. I like this show but I don't think it would transfer to Pimd very well.

    Now that Teen Titans suggestion... Y'all should hit that up.
  13. It wasn’t a thread to actually make it into a Hunt, it was my first thread lol, perhaps I should’ve made this post into a non-related w/ PIMD, Steven Universe thread
  14. I knooooow, I think as I posted it I realized it wouldn’t work ??
  15. Omg full support all the way 110% behind this one i love this idea
  16. i would love a steven universe hunt 