LIMITED-TIME CONTENT St. Patricks' 3x Promo, Invite Parties, and Avatars!

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    Limited-Time Party Series x 3x Promo

    Dublin Exposure is back!
    Same but different:
    These special parties are limited-time only and will be gone by the end of the promo (noon PST on March 20)!
    ☞ Unlike our usual series of parties, Dublin Exposure will only have 3 parties.
    ☞ Each Party will require Shamrock Tickets to start, based on the party's difficulty level.
    ☞ Each Ticket will cost 5 ECs and will be available at the Store.
    ☞ Each Party will be a bit more challenging than the last, so best of luck to those who are able to unlock the final one! Because of the increasing difficulty in party tiers, it is very possible that you won't succeed at a harder party. Good luck bbs! 🍀
    ☞ Yes, each Party must be unlocked by completing the Party preceding it.
    ☞ The harder the Party, the better the rewards.
    1 Shamrock Ticket.
    Enjoy 3x Payout from Dublin Exposure parties, Cat Cafe, and Dog Star from now until 12PM PST on Monday, March 20!
    Note: This will apply to Parties started from this point forward.

    St. Patrick's Day Avatars!

    We've got two sets of returning avatars!
    These beautiful avatars can be won as RARE DROPS from Dublin Exposure invite parties.

    Wishing you the best of luck. 💚
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  2. So literally copy and paste laste year?
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  3. Sale ol avis ata
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  4. Yep
  5. Couldn't be bothered doing something new Ata?
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  6. Time to pinch 🤏🏻
  7. so there’s literally no new content since last year 💀
  8. Wow.... fr why not new avis? 😐🤧
  9. Yall literally said copy and paste.. LMAOO. What is this ? Yall getting lazy now
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  10. No new avis?! Booo… 🥲
  11. someone should compare and contrast their last yr post with this one
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  12. I’m happy cuz I wanted but wasn’t able to obtain the “Queen of Eire” avi last year. 🥹
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  13. So the same crap every year
  14. Wow ☘️🗿no new avas but returningaves return it
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  15. Could be wrong but last year they did something similar to this. Dropped invite parties mid hunt with no new stuff. I guess why bother to do more if good money is already rolling in. Im more surprised they didnt release 2 new females avas and no male avas.
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  16. As an Irish person, I’m offended that you’re 💩ing on St. Paddy’s day. 🙄…
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  17. Bruh yall didnt even have a dedicated hunt for st pattys and now copy paste avas- the disrespect lmaooo
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  18. Fr? The one time of the year I can count on Irish representation. You've really fallen down hard this year, ATA
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  19. Ah, yes. A money grab only to get old released avis? Such a good idea and deal… 🥴
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