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  1. Get rid of the buried treasure & crow bars
  2. What's wrong with their neck ? LOL
  3. ? 30/20 av is hottest, rip war stats
  4. Right? I thought I was the only one
  5. Do both rewards for blue and red stack?
  7. I like the split tiers for those that only care about getting one gender of Avi 
  8. Yes they do!
  10.  I love the girls!
  11. Girl avatars are Hot ️

    Ata Get some Beard for the men ??️
  12. Only the female Avis look cool
  13. Hawt avis good job ata
  14. Oooh i like this kind of hunt ? plus, the avatars look impressive ?
  15. Good thing longer and harder parties will be rewarded more for effort! Thanks ATA!
  16. Removed another care pack from top regular tiers? Only 2 for 20k? ?
  17. Thank you!! :D
  18. Im in love 
  19. I like the black 20k female avi. The blue one... My eyes ?