Spoil Your Bitch

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  1. I'm tryna spoil you rotten,
    So you never feel forgotten.
    Princess you poppin',
    Got me kissin on you often.

    I'm the type to accompany you,
    When you're on a shopping spree.
    I think I fell for your individuality,
    The way you live so carefree.

    I could never brush you off casually,
    I feel like you're the better half of me.
    I'm blessed you swear fealty to me,
    That's why I only treat you like royalty.

    I had to accommodate to integrity,
    I'll never take away your precious smile.
    It's evident bitches hate you terribly,
    They're jealous of your infectious smile.

    You can have whatever you want,
    Whatever you need.
    With the radience you flaunt,
    You can have my seed.

    I'll be whatever you need,
    Your knight in shining armor or steed.
    For you an enemy will bleed,
    Consider my actions a man's creed.

    It's evident Imma splurge on you,
    The type to spend a bag on you.
    Together let's collect the revenue,
    Nothing is unconquerable in our view.

    We build together nicely,
    Like little kids with building blocks.
    I felt your heart was a vault,
    Then obtained the key to the lock.

    Had to stop being nonchalant,
    Just to see you suceed.
    So you can have whatever you want,
    Whatever you need.
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  2. 😐 the poem was adorable but that title. Why
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  3. Because #BanJacob2K20 lmao.

    But I just didn't know what to title it