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  1. Science derived from the Qur'an is becoming outdated compared to modern science. There was a little bit of news surrounding it when olympic athletes were using cupping in the 2016 Olympics, but aside from medical science, the wisdom of Islam has been pretty much redundant in the past 100 years.

    http://ilmfeed.com/the-olympics-cupping ... -muhammad/

    There was some Qur'anic insight about the structure of human embryos, a large amount of astronomical insight during the golden age and a moreover appreciation for learning and science, but it has died I believe and an age of fear, prohibition and opposition to science has emerged in the Arab/Muslim world, as it is becoming seen as an opponent to Islam. I think that remembering, celebrating, and taking pride in the contributions to science afforded by Islam is important, but the longer it is seen as an enemy, the more outdated Islam will become, the more opposed it will be to modern science, and the less likely a reunion will become.
    Ultimately if this continues, science may realistically become a true enemy to Islam, this should be avoided at all costs.
    But there is no question that the path is/has being trekked.
  2. RADEN IT IS NOT ALWAYS CORRECT, SOME CLAIMS HAVE ALREADY BEEN DISPROVEN. THAT IS THE height of ignorance. You are allowed to be proud without being blindly arrogant 
  3. oh kefo please what do you even know about religions? i like reference you use, theh make me giggle though
  4. Noob I was only referencing something that happened. This isn't an academic article. Not referencing statistics as nobody else has. :/ go away
  5. so you wana prove a said religion is outdated by not using certified reference, only thing you prove when you discuss is how no literature you have
    stick to ass kissing on selfie thread , better be idiot over stupid matter over real matter
  6. alright i was gonna leave this discussion alone but this made me lol. idc what you believe but dont claim blatantly false stuff. the quran is NOT "scientifically correct" by any stretch :roll:

    first super obvious examples that come to mind, Surah 23:14 says that human beings are formed from a clot of blood and Surah 18:86 says the sun sets in a spring of murky water.

    it also describes a geocentric solar system, says that stars are lamps, says meteors are stars, says the earth was created before the stars, says there are seven earths, claims humans were instantaneously created out of clay... has a bunch of misinformation about reproduction that i would have to bypass to quote... it even claims the earth is flat!

    one of the more common examples of blatant misinformation is where the quran claims moses dealt with a samaritan...except samaritans didn't exist until over half a millennium after this claimed event, lol. the city of samaria was build around 870BC, which is about 700 years after moses' supposed encounter.

    so please, educate yourself instead of just listening to what people of your religion brainwash you into... and then tell me how your book is so scientifically correct again :roll:
  7. o, didn't read kefo's stuff before replying so some is redundant but yea, still stands
  8. Flocci scratching the surface
  9. If those people believe in God let them...
    Who are you to tell them what is right & wrong?
    Are you scientist ?? Who are you??
    Youre graduated from some hulululu University & u think you're so brilliant?
    If you were a scientist I don't think you would say something like God isn't real instead you will explain why people believe in God..

    Let's just keep that a side.

    Can anyone ask a Lesbian Girl why can't she be straight like a Normal Girl...
    Come to me once you get the answer.
  10. You don't have to be scientist to realise god doesn't exist lol
  11. First I'll take a revolver Then I'll shoot you on your legs so that you can't move.
    Then I'll shoot you on your stomach so that you can die slowly & feel the pain.
    & Last I'll leave you in a jungle where nobody can see you or hear.

    & It's obvious that you will pray for a miracle to happen without a Doubt..
    Once you survive you would say screw God he/she isn't real.

    Like I said It's for hope my friend. HOPE!

    Give it a try then come back to me if you survive ?
  12. whether i agree with what he said or not, at least he put effort in argument, unlike you kefo , when big guys talk ass kissers like you better learn something
  13. ive been in near death situations more than once. so has my family. my father survived stage 3 cancer that the doctors pretty much told us he'd die from. you know who saved him? science, not god. lmao. you think he would have survived if we left him in the basement and "prayed" instead of getting him meds, chemo, radiation, months of tests and treatment... people like you who try to force your beliefs on others and pretend we haven't experienced enough are pathetic.

    when im dying, i go to a hospital, not a church. so will you. because we all know where your real faith is.
  14. So ANYWAY... Anyone wanna trade this with me lmk
  15. why do yall turn everything into a debate. ..if people wanna believe in whoever or whatever let them. .geez
  16. we were all fine with people believing whatever they want til they started making inaccurate claims lols. all we're doing is correcting fake info
  17. Correcting???
    Everything with a beginning requires a cause. The universe has a beginning and therefore requires a cause..
    People need a explanation Scientist don't have it YOU don't have it I don't have it they don't have it..
    So those people think it's cause of God..
    Because They need hope!!!

    & Yes about that How can you even go to hospital When your Leg is Shot & you're in the middle of the jungle?? Where no one can't hear you..
    Suppose You keep telling yourself I don't wanna die I'm too young to die..

    Needless to say

    The wall of Hospital have heard more prayers than a wall of church..

    Do u know why?
  18. @Floc & @kefo
    As i said before, if you wanna disscuss it further come to my pm, i don't reply you here because this disscussion might bring drama and insulting other religion or muslim it self. So for preventing a drama come to my pm and i'll give you my reply. :)

    But if you need is attention then you can go on here… i'll just read your comment and :)

  19. Sounds like a trap tbh :lol:

    Someone is about to be kidnapped in the pms