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  1. I believe in santa claus he exists, I saw him, but I dont believe in god, I never saw him
  2. Where did you see him?
  3. He saw me awake, he was in a hurry and he told me that he needs to visit 390000 homes per minute to reach every house in the world.

    He jumped through the window and disappeared magically ?
  4. Everyone having a diff religion shows how fake bible / coran or other history religion book is ? for everyone who didn't realised that yet, you will be very disappointed.

    Science > Religion
  5. you sure love up for your name
  6. HOPE !!!! it's for Hope my friend.
  7. Do you think you are in naruto, here is real life bro  get your facts right
  8. for once… i feel so gratefull for this update :) thank you ATA!
  9. Okay, Eid Mubarak to you...
  10. Religion contain Science :)
    Religion > anything
  11. You still have time to realise how stupid that sounded ^
  12. How about go to my pm and convince me that god doesn't exist :)
  13. Chill x it's Eid...
    & I want everyone to enjoy ?
  14. I don't need to convince you, u can believe in ghosts if you want too ~
  15. The science of Islam has failed to explain modern science for a few hundred years. It did alright during the golden age of Islam but has been insufficient and has been holding Muslims, as a people, back in the modern age.

  16. About to get a lot of hate. :roll:
  17. Fyi Qur'an is not a book of science but what is inside in qur'an is always scientifcly correct. If you wanna discuss it further, i welcome you to come to my pm :)