Special Eid Mubarak Gift now in Store!

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  1. god doesn't exist, wake up ?
  2. Thanks ATA ?
  3. Khair Mubarak ATA 
  4. Please Just Terminate this game it's honestly ran to crap ?
  5. made a handy guide for you

  6. What's with all the hate? The ignorance and intolerance is ridiculous...they are just gifts to celebrate the pride of different people...if you don't like it then don't participate but there is no reason to bash people based on their religion or their sexuality. It doesn't effect your life and just shows everyone how truly ignorant you are. I don't identity as any of the groups recently being celebrated but I think it's great that ata is making everyone feel included
  7. In a snack wrap
  8. Aww this was really sweet of you ATA. My boyfriend is crying happily over this.
  9. They get their Christmas and other holiday stuff on here. Let the other non Christian holidays get their time in the spotlight!
  10. This is so awesome!!!!
  11. There are about 2 billion Muslims. Other religions are smaller and it makes sense that they get less recognition than the top 3 most populous faiths.
    The rightness of the existence of the religion can be debated later but it exists in fact so show it some recoginition. And support its followers. Being non-Christian and having an aspect of your identity positively alluded to in the media is a good feeling that you wouldn't know if you were Christian and live in the West.
  12. Religion is fake news
  13. When you look stupid and make assumptions that everybody plays on android 
  14. when you look stupid and can't extrapolate simple af information ported to a comparable OS with the exact same buttons and method
  15. Dude you know what they meant, just uninstall if the game's so terrible to you. ?
  16. well I guess you're staying true to your username
  17. Thank you ata, a first in my six years wasted here.....................,,. I'm joking ty
  18. Very great! Thank you ATA 
  19. Eid mubarak To every one ?  

    Its morning here.

    I'm soo hungry & i wont disappoint my friends If you know What i mean ?
    Bye bye I hope you guys Have fun.
    Cause i will

    Veeeeeeeeeee \^o^/