Social Shopper / Buddy Box Info & Combinations

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  1. thank you for this thread!
  2. Updated with Blue Planetarium/Quinn’s Social Box!
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  3. Gimme all the sharks! 😬
  4. Amazing thread on all things Bbb!
  5. [​IMG]
    It's done!
    🌈Rainbow Flower Vase🌈
    🔴Red Poppies
    🟠Orange Tea Set
    🟡Yellow Lemon Cake
    🟢Green Monstera
    🔵Blue Turquoise Necklace
    🟣Purple Violets

    Onto the new bb set next ♥️
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  6. Pot is a hippo and napkin is a farret ❤️
  7. Storybook peacock
    Sunscreen sting ray
    Hard hat crane
  8. [​IMG]
    For easy visualization.

    Thanks @RICO_DARKNESS 🙆🏻‍♀️♥️
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  9. Forum has been updated!
  10. File i made on sheets
    its more updated than some files I saw on forum

    it got all the 60 combo(75 items)/100 combo(26 items)/essence(38 items)/launch(17 items)/painter box(13 sets)
    and it got miscs seperated by tabs of 125kcs/250kcs.....
    with calculation of mcs on each line separately and total per tab(up to 500 different items of each type)

    If u can add it to thread☺️
  11. I originally posted on the wrong thread 🥹
    •Mail Stamps: Gerald the goat🐐
    •Waterlogged smartphone: Talia the turtle🐢
    •Regal Crown: Beebee the butterfly🦋
    •Magnifying glass: Mortimer the duck🦆
    •Yellow toolbox: Handy the chimpanzee🦧
    •Capricious Coin: Chance the dolphin 🐬
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  12. Where can I find on how they look like?
  13. On the 1st page
  14. Can’t find the new ones on there
  15. Then it just hasnt been updated yet. It shouldnt be to far away
  16. My showcase I just don’t know how to post the pictures here
  17. How can I log out party in my dorm game app