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  1. The same racism for Italy, they said we are the China of Europe 🤷
  2. Oh just to put things in perspective, let's not believe what media reports blindly. The mortality rate according to media is 1%, let's do some math.

    Total positive cases: 93526
    Deaths: 3204
    Recovered: 51019

    So out of 93526, 39303 are still undergoing treatment so we don't know what their fate will be.

    Out of the remaining 54223, 3204 died. So that's a mortality rate of 5.9% which is pretty high if u ask me considering this virus is just 3 months old.

    Out of the 39303 that are still being treated, 6772 are critical. Assuming 50% of them die, the total death would add up to 3386+3204= 6590 out of 93526, which brings the mortality rate to 7%

    If 100% of the critical cases die, the mortality rate would be 10.6%

    Please don't downplay this pandemic. Take your precautions, store essentials. Precaution is better than cure.
  3. I think that would be more xenophobia at Italians than racism, considering you're likely the same race as the people making those accusations (white). And at the root of that is still racism for Chinese people since you're being compared to them as though there's something wrong.

    But in the U.S. and Canada, Chinese diaspora and East Asian people that are incorrectly perceieved to be Chinese are facing social ostrasization. Chinese businesses (such as restaurants) are suffering because no one wants to order from them. Majority of these people likely haven't been to China recently and are no more likely to be infected than the rest of us. These problems are not directed at the Italian diaspora, at least in the U.S. and Canada. There's a lot more going on then some remark of poor taste.
  4. I dont think they will shut the airport or ban any flight. The only flights different countries banned are from specific places with disease, so if you are not going to a disease city in Japan, i suppose you would be fine.
    But remember to check if your flight is allowed to land in the destination you are going for or if it has to land in another city & people will get quarantine👍
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  5. Best case scenario, everybody dies
  6. I don't think the death toll would go over 100k. The virus is killing the boomers. However you gotta take precautions. What's baffling is that trump thought and emergency rate cut would fix the supply chain, or he thought he could fool people. All he cares about is the stock market
  7. This virus just seems way too overhyped
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  8. Yah.. this disease has just recently been brought to light.. you have to take into consideration that it can still mutate. It has spread pretty fast in the past couple of months, and over time it will become resistant against drugs being tested.

    Lots of new cases and deaths have been under-reported in countries all around the world due to the fact that they don't want chaos. They want to make it seem like everything is under control. Look at Iran.. they said everything was fine and only a couple days later, they admitted that the adviser to their leader had the virus and other high ranking officials.

    Personally, I will tell my family to stock up on shizz. Who knows how long till they actually have a vaccine.

    Now as to the Japan trip @Wednesday hopefully you get to go.. but like the Tokyo Olympics are only a couple of months away.. idk how this whole thing is going to affect it.

    Stay woke frends.


    @Day You are a cute chinese. 💕 jk jk.. ily you qt.
  9. I think they’ve already said that they’re considering postponing it :[
  10. In May, they'll make a final decision on what to do about it but I don't think they've ruled out the possibility of even completely cancelling it.
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  11. The world will revolt. Sports fans would rather die
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. Just a reminder not to buy face masks, they're currently selling out everywhere and depriving healthcare workers of them
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  14. My grandfather that is undergoing chemotherapy needs face masks. My family needs face masks to visit him. There are other needs for face masks besides healthcare workers that we should keep in mind! We are also affected by the shortages. <3
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  15. Ah sorry, I didn't mean to overgeneralize! I completely understand buying facemasks if you have the need. The CDC and surgeon general have just been saying healthy people shouldn't buy them to use on a day to day basis.
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  16. Yeah, I totally understand what you meant! No worries. 😇
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  17. 100% agree
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  18. So, there was a major issue with the supply chain for many industries. The biggest issue causing this was that a HUGE number of cargo ships were being detained in China, as well as much of the Chinese work force not being available, both of which caused a major backup in the distribution of goods.

    How do I know? We have wine in France we need to transport to the US, but there are no cargo ships available. At all.

    However, they recently released the ships (according to the global shipping company we use at least) from China and are currently working on dealing with the huge backup in distribution of goods. Depending on which country you live in and what goods your country imports from China determines how much this supply issue will affects you.

    Of course, if the situation continues to worsen and affect the world's work force and transportation of goods, you might see more and more shortages.
    Keeping an emergency kit of essentials would probably be a good idea, but I can't generalize it for everyone. Some have easier access to clean water, others medicine. It really depends on your local economy.

    For the most up to date numbers being reported globally:
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  19. Tell him i hope he dies peacefully
  20. That's literally the end goal, so I don't know why you're thinking that's an edgy comment tryna trigger me. 🤥