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  1. They should combine automatically. If you have snow and snowball makers but they’re not combining, try selling them rebuying the snowball makers. If that still doesn’t work, send a ticket
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  2. What's a buff? I do not understand the buff mission in wich I can also choose to gain 3k points. But what's abuff and how do I get that... So confusing...
  3. You get buffs when your team captures a fort. In the task, you're team needs three forts (one buff person fort).
  4. Per* not person
  5. I hate snow.
  6. What do they mean they’ll be “opting players out” even if we’re actively doing the pvp?
  7. I wanna join. What must I do?
  8. I tried to hoard the snowball maker and snowbrick i'm not able to make snowballs at all! I'm stuck! I have 300 pile of snow and 150 snowball maker and also 150 snowbrick maker...None of them are combining
  9. You only get max 300 snow, 150 snow bricks and 150 snow balls. If you don't use them, you can't get more. It gets wasted.
  10. sell all your snowball makers and mold, only purchase when needed or they will interfere with each other and you will be unable to create what’s needed
  11. ATA, I'll eat crow. This hunt ended up being a good one. I enjoyed the pvp style hunt and competition.
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  13. I'm new someone please tell me what's going on
  14. You missed your chance to join the pvp so all you have to do is just party
  15. GUYS how do you get BUFFS?!

    I put bricks to my fort, nothing happened!

    HELP!? WALL ME ️

    what does a BUFF even look like? how do you know when you have a BUFF? I need three for this quest. I'M SO FRUSTRATED!!!
  16. Hit your own fort (a fort that’s in your teams color)

  17. I did that and nothing happened. how do you know when you have a BUFF????!
  18. Well nothing really happens noticeably, you just hit and gain the buff for a brief time
  19. Mmmm i want to try this
  20. Mmmm yeah this sounds okay