[Sneak Peek] New Trading System

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Daisy123123, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. Ban me bb
  2. You're banned from not being Daisy daddy ;)
  3. Why :cry:
  4. Looks good! I wish they really work on it.
  5. I hope they make avatars tradable too ??
  6. The quality's so bad. That's why Samsung's the better choice k
  7. That would be a awesssummmm change
  9. Wow.
    A new 'feature' that won't cost players anyth... wait a minute!

    ATA - r y'all gonna charge us ec's or PiMD-$ to use your little 'trading system' ?

    I'll bet real $ that ATA's figuring out a way to take a cut.
  10. this is scary!!
  12. This will be like the super pros.Stays for a moment in time and then "poof" suddenly it's magic.
  14. LIT
  15. Looking forward to seeing how its going to work... trading for money is going to be the trickiest thing if it's included.

    And something for those who enjoy pvp would be nice but I'm not keeping my hopes up
  16. Money trade could be game breaking
    I don't think so it's going to happen
  17. Agreed, money trading will enable the possibility of most people having a pretty decent alt.
  18. Its collage game not business man game ? i hope ata won't remove the battle button