Small Club Improvements?

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  1. As a Vice President of a club, I feel that there are a few small improvements that could help many clubs.
    Some of said improvements being:

    1. When looking through the members list and clicking on a member say, towards the bottom of the list to check if they are active, then clicking the back button on your device, instead of you instantly being sent to the top of the members list again (Thus losing your place while culling inactive members), maybe allow one to go back to the scrolled position they were at, aka at the bottom of the list again.

    2. Possibly be able to sort the members in different ways via the members list. Such as the ones who were last active.

    3. Allow Presidents and Vice President to literally block somebody from joining a club! (It's become a large issue in the club I run recently. You try to call LBH with the club on Auto Join, but then somebody who you have on your banned list joins repeatedly and causes havoc within club chat.)

    4. (Most impartant in my eyes.)
    When clicking "manage" on a member when an admin, automatically have the date the member joined the club. (This would help me so much with figuring out which members are active but not participating in parties by corresponding with the Club History feature.
    Example: "Coffee is active but doesn't seem to have participated in any parties, I don't know what day she joined to see if she is a newer member who maybe hasn't been in the club long enough to participate! My notifications don't show when she joined due to the spam! Should I kick her?"

    The scenario above is essentially what I go through when trying to find out if members are active AND participating in parties rather than just logging on.
  2. 1- that's an Android thing. iPhone keeps your place.

    3- that's when I'll put it on invite only for a bit so it doesn't happen
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  3. 1.) Absolutely agree. If iPhone allows you to keep your place, Android should have that too. It's very annoying for me. :(

    2.) Sure. Admins should be the only ones able to sort members like that though if it is added.

    3.) Agreed.

    4.) My club uses hunt drop requirements in addition to the "last active blank days ago" to ensure people are hitting parties.
  4. Putting the club on invite only when calling LBH does NOT work, auto join seems to be the only way to get Last Bar Hitters to join. Thus, the blocking feature I suggested would be a great alternative.
  5. These are all valud suggestions tbh. Support
  6. I could see all of these being useful honestly. Support.
  7. Support. Especially the first two.

    I'd love to be able to tell more clearly who is inactive for +3 days instead of having to check all the profiles one by one.
    But even if we have to keep checking each one, sending us back to where we left off on the list would be a nice improvement.
  8. I agree. If you’re having trouble with LBH calls and your banned list, I’d say tell a few other admins to sit at the door and accept people as they come in. No banned come in, but the rest do
  9. This is actually exactly what I came here to find. If someone else didn't suggest this then I was going to. Super support!
  10. ... You need admins to man the doors and let people in...
    But yeah a member block list is reasonable.

    Being able to see when members were last active in clubs would make spies in strip farm wars so much more dangerous. I think that info should be available to president and maybe VP's but tyat info could be deadly.
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  11. I absolutely agree on blocking players to enter club even if the club is on auto join set up. This will be a great improvement if ATA decided to.
  12. 1 yes.
    3 yes as fuck
    4 just check their drops
  13. We definitely need these things and more added to club features. ATA please consider making updates to clubs. It’s what keeps the game going. Without clubs, the game would hardly work. Please give admins more ways to make it easier to manage our club, admins and members. The only reason I play the game anymore is because of the club. Farming, scamming, and toxic people ruin the game and the only way to keep people who are being farmed, who have been scammed or been harrassed from not quitting and staying in your game is for them to have a good club to go to relax and have fun.

    1) the Android thing is so true. That’s why I only use my iPhone to do club duties like activity checking.

    2) definitely useful.

    3) have had the situation where I blocked a player and they decided to join my club to create drama and harass because I often put it on autojoin. I mean come on!

    4) the manage should/could have so many options. Something that comes to mind are auto tags. Updating tags is one of the most time consuming things. If we could set up some presets or markers to certain members (low activity, rule-breaking, it could be like just certain emojis like 🆘✔️❌✅🚨⚠️❎)
  14. Definitely support! 👍They're all really good ideas imo.
  15. Support. These are all good ideas that I think can genuinely make clubs better. :^)
  16. I give no supports because I simply do not care