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  1. I want a key cause my stats r low and I want to upgrade
  2. I need those keys,so that i can sell and upgrade
  3. Imma nominate _Joshy_, his a good bloke. His helped me before with other hunts where he has given me items and even keys that he could've used himself.
  4. I'm a super active LCBC from Cat Cafe Club which is not encouraged to enter this giveaway event. Even so, I wanna give a try. My stats is the outcome of my hard work. It's shows how much care about this game. I really wish to get a avatar with 60% bonus. I blew up all my money in previous hunts to get keys yet I didn't get to collect the 60% bonus avatar, not even one. I think I deserve to win this because I m active and I actually work for it, I desperately want the keys and even more than those people who stay less active yet claiming one's couldn't get it or want it badly.
  5. Ill enter my self and i want a cute ava 
  6. Vote trump pls
  7. Please give it to me. I've been busy with my studies and have no enough time for this hunt. Thank you.
  8. Winning smells a lot like piddle.
  9. My friend Miranda_boo5 should win this because she is one of the best people I have ever talked to and she always is positive...(unless she is mad or upset) but she is still an amazing person so if you could give her this it would make me the happiest because she deserves it.
  10. Because?i am desperate to open it lol
  11. Its hard for me to get even one key, and i dont hv any single key yet. My club isn't doing well now because members are not active, we cant even finish potd. :-(
  12. I would like to enter because it's a good help for low state player  not for competition only for helping hand ️?
  13. I am entering myself and I really wannna win a key cause I need another avi pls I really like the rsre skater girl but it will be hard cause I don't have enoughbut if I win that would be a huge help thank u
  14. I want a key because I want to sell it to stop being called a noob. It gets old.
  15. I'm new and I could use a key to help me along the way am active and play everyday
  16. I'd like to enter myself. It will be a great help for me since it takes me so long to get a key. 
  17. can i hve it plz i dun even get an ava yet even for the last hunt i get non
  18. I want to enter myself and I deserve a key because I've got scammed the past 3 hunts so I would really like a key so I can atleast have a avi for this hunt
  19. I'd like to win a key so I can have a better chance at unlocking the west coast skater avi ~
    Btw very generous of you to give keys away, thanks!
  20. I want the key.. Since I'm awesome ?