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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by [ATA]Marceline, Oct 18, 2019.

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  1. I know who you’re talking about and someone else has had the same encounter.
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  2. Screenshot it and send the screenshot link in a help ticket and ata bans them
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  3. They still do it if you got proof even with pms to
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  4. Lmaoooooo I just seen this. I’m glad I’m not kissing peach for free/ favors
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  5. Wow, new policies are neat🤯 much love ATA✨
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  6. 😂😂😂 whos paying you then 👀
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  7. agreed 💃
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  8. I want to know about ppl harassing with sfw out of hate. What can be done?
  9. “Harassing with sfw” isn’t harassment if it’s just farming, however if their CF violates the ToU or they’re harassing a player publicly then please report to a Moderator as that would be considered harassment.
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  10. Hey my name is Gloria I have been silenced how can I have my messaging back
  11. Wait for it to time out then don't break tou again
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  12. The rules have been relaxed slot from how they used to be. So if you still getting silenced its your own stupid fault
  13. You can send in a help ticket to try and appeal if you think you were silenced wrongfully. Otherwise yes you'll have to wait for the silence to end. The message you received states how long it will be.
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  14. i need help actually. it says i was silenced “permanently.” i was trying to bait horny teenagers/old men by saying “who wants to send a hot young girl some opal shards? ;)” and i got silenced for saying i was YOUNG wtf do i do smh
  15. Dont be stupid. Clearly says you cant say that in tou. Ata are strict on age. If you say you under 17 or say you young you getting perm banned. You don't need to bait the pedós they are ovius to spot and they are jn pub all the time
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  16. You're here anyway, why don't you read the original post about the silencing policy? 🥴
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  17. You can try sending a help ticket and explaining the situation. But as Sansa pointed out, it's stated here not to use "young/younger" without specifying age. It's to protect anyone that may be underage from being taken advantage of.
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  18. hi is there a reason why the word "add me" says something else when posted? I needed people to "add me for a quest" and it came out saying "put on my robe and wizard hat" ???
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