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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by [ATA]Marceline, Oct 18, 2019.

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  1. Everyone knows the only people who get silenced are the ones making jokes. Not the people who are actually being inappropriate and malicious. Everything is ass backwards. But that’s fine I guess 😂
  2. pls complain some more
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  3. Oh it appears someone else liked my post...and yet a mod liked yours😪 kiss that green name 🍑 some more, Vo
  4. I'm not kissing ass. You just complain about everything in this game ranging from lack of PvP aspects to how ToU doesn't work in peoples favor. I dislike your attitude of knowing everything while knowing nothing. Play a different game if you're gonna whine about everything.

    Happy late 1st PIMD birthday, noob.
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  5. This is a very rich forum post. I also complain about scammers, you should check out those posts too 🥳 they get a lot of likes!!

    Thank you ass kisser! Also pupil to Mod Lyssa! 😋🥳 Send cake!! 🥳🎂 I’m complaining I didn’t get any!
  6. Bumping it so people can hopefully see the new update -
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  7. 🙌
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  8. Good. That 'kink' needs nuked. Its propr fuckd. Anyone that thinks its cute or hot or whatever needs throat punched
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  9. Just say you’re happy with the update and move on lmao 💀
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  10. I did. Just said 1 thing then left
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  11. Actually *4 things
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  12. I am so thankful that these things have been added and are now silencable. As someone that has extremely negative personal experience with these kinks and believe them to romanticize pedophilia and incest, I am so glad you're taking the step to make this game a more inviting place for survivors and combat this abuse that hides in place sight.
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  13. Are people really getting silenced for those emoji 🤔
  14. Yehh coz no selling nudes on pimd. Its pimd not pornhub
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  15. yes, using those emojis are attempts to bypass censorship and therefore silenceable as selling nudes is not allowed here.
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  16. Ooooh nice
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  17. I really wish gift texts were monitored, at least those that have been accepted. This one scammer that crops up on a ton of different alts is apparently 14, but they told me so through a gift and therefore couldn't be silenced/banned.
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