UPDATE Silencing Policy Updates

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  1. Ok I do mot like you
  2. U
    Hey I would luv to do that my age is 18
  3. Okay I understand
  4. Hi my name is Queen jalah what is your name
  5. Hailey
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  6. I’m fine with these rules
  7. I think the rules can be strict but not to strict
  8. My cooktop is electric, tbh.
  9. Gas > electric
    sorry i dont make the rules
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  10. Yep
  11. What should we name are walls
  12. OK so im getting farmed bc someone hired my tut that i had for a while and i just hired them back and boom im out of money sk i asked nicely to stop no answer just more farm im so sick of this. Its been days.
  13. Ask them for a ceasefire and make sure it's posted on your wall, if they don't give you one,
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  14. Wasn't done sorry. If they don't give you one, you can send in a help ticket.
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  15. I asked nicely 3 times they don't answer then their RS threatened me
  16. As I said, if they refuse to give a ceasefire on your wall, send a help ticket.
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  17. What happens if you hit a wrong button and you get silenced?
  18. Hit a wrong button? How so? Getting silenced is a result of breaking the rules. There's no rule you can break by accidentally hitting the wrong button 1 time unless you've already pre-typed something that would get you silenced and then accidentally sent it. And in that case, that's on you. Even so, if you think your silence was the result of an "accident," you can send in a help ticket and try to appeal.