UPDATE Silencing Policy Updates

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  1. The slave part is against ToU and silenceable.

    However, there isn't anything ATA can do about scammers. They make alts after they get silenced or banned. It's best to just get familiar with prices and only do trades through the trading system and make sure to be careful with other trades. But, public defamation is still silenceable.
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  2. They don't silence people who put slaves in
  3. Not all silenceable comments are seen by moderators. You may seek out a mod of the post is on your wall, or screenshot the message and send it in to ATA.
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  4. Hdpdhkdhwnoqdjbdjah
  5. Sounds good
  6. Finalyyyyyuu
  7. Ata can you give me back my account. I just been inactive for year and when i wanted to go back i found my acc has been banned. Hope you will be response to the ticket that I've sent to you ty!
  8. I vote no account for you.
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  9. I never been parties
  10. I love these changes about time!💕
  11. I have complete sicure over that
  12. Delhi19 has permanent ban or temporary ban can u tell me
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  13. They cannot disclose information about others' accounts.
  14. This is all well and good but when are you guys going to take action against the user who is literally stalking me. Whoever helped my case in support put restrictions on him but your lack of intervening has led the person to come back and harass me for 9 days, over a single tut.

    If you want people to REALLY feel safe then you'll do something about those who use their power in game to abuse and harass people. So people don't get chased away from your app.
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  15. What the fuck that’s so not cool
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  16. Don't take people's tuts. Tuts give a stat bonus, so it's understandable why people would be territorial over them.

    Also... I had a dude wait four months for me to become active again so he could farm me. That's just the game. Don't mess with people, and they won't mess with you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.