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  1. Very independent woman I mean is it please I Mail is in bees I have lots of fun and I’m just ready to have fun Moore
  2. Bitch
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  3. Is that no way unban delhi19 account?
  4. What else then I'm still here thinking about you how rich he was unfaithful
  5. UPDATE: SEPTEMBER 16 2020

    Changes have been made to the Third-Party Content rule to provide more leniency.

  6. LOL @thirstydonuts tho. Don’t tempt me.
  7. Hi
  8. Ok this is a lot to digest periodt ahh.
  9. Um people are saying to buy stuff in game off paypal shouldn't tho people be ban? It's kinda like scamming and taking money I'm just wondering
  10. Buying/Selling anything for Real World Currency is against the ToU and subject to a ban, yes. It's difficult though because sellers often just make new accounts. Mods try to catch as many as they can.
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  11. Delhi19 should send a help ticket to appeal their ban. However, most bans are firm and final.
  12. Unless they have a valid reason and can override their decision, it’s almost impossible! Good luck!
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  13. Gaia’s should be a time to get to work on the time of the
  14. I got silenced because I warned people about someone being a scammer, but it aright for people put weird stuff horrible things and gets aways with it 😤
  15. Calling someone a scammer is public defamation, which is against ToU. Oop.
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  16. I was warning people that this person is a scammer as he was ripping people of and never did the fall deal and you end up losing all your stats for nothing
  17. Public defamation is against the Terms of Use of the game that you agree to upon downloading the game. This means that all accusations against a player’s character, regardless of if true or no, are not permitted.
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  18. But it aright for people ripping people of and people asking for people to be there slaves
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