UPDATE Silencing Policy Updates

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  1. I’m silenced until the 27th but wish i could be unsilsanced sooner
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  2. Well having filter would be ex: anyone in the last hour who posted “lbh” would show up. Rather than having like 10 different channels for parties/pub/tutor chat/trades/etc

    I dunno, was just my two pennies on your idea
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  3. You can, by not getting yourself silenced to begin with

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  4. Send an appeal if you feel like your original silence was unfair, but please keep in mind that the new rules about silencing will not count for your silence. Your silence would adhere to the previous silencing policy.
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  5. They can’t do that Muschi
  6. Oh they literally meant lag? I've never experienced that in chat tbh. I've had my chat like actually freeze so I just restart but I haven't ever experienced a lag. And why would adding a third channel make a lag worse? If anything it'd improve upon the lag issue bc what would cause the lag is overloading the single channel, by providing different categorized channels, it'd ease the load. If anything then creating a "filter" which you then call upon having a much larger chat history would cause an even slower channel
  7. No no no, the entire game lags for some people and has since pub was introduced. And you don’t need a large chat log for a filter to work, also having a slower chat wouldn’t be that bad if you’re actively looking for something in a chat.
  8. d-did you read the rest of her post 🥺
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  9. I thought they weren’t considering them at all
  10. o i guess you could read it that way, i interpreted it the way hailey did because of the context of the first sentence.
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  11. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. My last silence didn't abuse ToU...

    Lemme see your chibi impression, bobble your head up and down on this D.

    At least I don't think it does. It wasn't directed at anyone. Thots?
  13. It implies an inappropriate situation
  14. Oh snap 🤭👀
  15. Her rs is wack to, he’s a wannabe mod :)

    Also hi lyssa 😘😘since ik you’re always in forums worring about your rep 🥰
  16. I miss the old mods tbh the ones that played when I was a newbie. They were chill and knew how to have a laugh. These new mods are all work and no play I swear half of them can’t take a joke. 🤭🤷‍♀️
  17. But at least there’s good mods still is just ones like ***** take everything serious but there are good ones like belle and a bunch of others one not all are mean 😎
  18. I mean, I would hope she's in forums frequently considering she's a moderator and that means she's supposed to be watching all public channels...
  19. Friendly reminder to adhere to TOU when commenting in forums please. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

    Thank you! 😊❤️
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